Citrus Fruit Fundraiser

Each year the H-B Music Department facilitates two fundraisers to help students raise money for their Student Accounts, including Activity Fee, Uniform and Spring Trip costs.  Our biggest and most successful fundraiser is the Citrus Fruit Fundraiser.  There are 4 ways that students can engage with this fundraiser:


Traditional Sale: Students will receive a brochure of available items, an order form and an envelope, and are encouraged to sell to family, friends and familiar folks. Payment should be collected at the time of the sale. Checks are preferred and should be made payable to H-B Woodlawn. The completed order form and payments should be collected in the envelope and returned to a music teacher before the sale concludes.  Orders will be delivered to H-B Woodlawn in December, at which point students will pick-up the orders and deliver to those who ordered. Students will receive about 40% of the sales price as profit on their account.


Online Sales: Students may also sell products online at When a customer places an order, they should enter the student’s name during check-out when prompted to “Enter Member’s Name.” Like the Traditional Sale, these orders will be delivered to HBW at the beginning of December, at which point students will deliver to their customers.  These orders also receive the same 40% profit as the Traditional Sale.


Holiday Gift Sales:  For those that live out of town, or perhaps as a Holiday Gift, you may order select products to be delivered directly to the customer.  These items are only available online and earn slightly less profit than the Traditional Sale.


Donate to AFAC: In addition to fundraising, this is also a great opportunity give back to our community.  Instead of purchasing fruit, customers may purchase a small or large box of juice oranges that are donated to the Arlington Food Assistance Program (AFAC).  These orders do NOT go on the traditional order form, but on the separate AFAC Order Form. Tally the total number of boxes ordered on the AFAC Order Form, collect payments and include in the envelope when turning in your orders.


It is not unprecedented for a student to fundraise their entire trip.  We hope that you make use of this opportunity! Should you have any questions about the sale, please email