Citrus Fruit Sale Fundraiser

Sale Date: Now – October 27, 2017

Fruit Delivery Date: TBD

Conventional Sale:

Students will receive a packet, which includes a catalog of the many items for sale. Students may sell these to family, friends and neighbors. These items ordinarily yield a 45-50% profit to your student’s account.

Should you need additional Conventional Order Forms, please click here to download: Citrus order form

Door Step Direct:

Alternatively, students may also sell to family and friends who live out of town through the Door Step Direct program. These orders are placed on separate sheets, not yet included in the packet, and mailed directly to the purchaser. However these items will only offer a 30-40% profit due to shipping costs.  Need more order forms?  You can download an order form by clicking here:

Arlington Food Assistance Program Donation:

In addition to fundraising, we also feel it is important to give back to our community, just before the holiday season. You may donate available items to the Arlington Food Assistance Program (AFAC) by use of the separate sheet included in your packet.


  • Collect all payments at the time of the sale – checks should be made payable to H-B Woodlawn.
  • Be safe – sell to friends, family and familiar neighbors -don’t go door to door if you do not know who lives there
  • Carefully go over your order, count the cash and checks received and return all money in a sealed envelope with your name on it along with your Tally Sheet, Door Step Direct Order Forms, and AFAC Order Form.
  • Turn in your orders by October 27. 
  • Orders will be delivered to HBW on TBD after school.  Please be sure to mark this date and plan to pick up your order.

It is not unprecedented for a student to fundraise their entire trip. We hope that you make use of this opportunity.

Questions or concerns?  Please contact our Citrus Fundraiser Coordinator Marcia Baldwin at