High School Music Department Spring Trip

1623797323932High School Music Department Spring Trip

Each year our student musicians hit the road and explore the music and culture of an other city. During our trip we share our musical performances with other audiences, meet local performers, attend theatrical, musical, and cultural events, visit significant landmarks, learn about important local history, and take in the musical and cultural features of each city.This trip serves as an educational opportunity and offers students a rare experience to learn from a different perspective. While we can’t mandate that all students attend, it is strongly encouraged in order that our ensembles are complete for each performance. Every musician is essential, and each one’s participation in these unique field trips allows our groups to learn and develop new concepts together.  

This year, our HS Spring Trip will be April 4-6, 2024, but our destination will be announced soon! 

We expect the cost of this year’s trip to be about $700 – $1000 which includes all transportation, lodging, participation and admission fees and meals.  We recognize that these trips are expensive, so we offer several fundraising opportunities throughout the year for students to earn money towards the cost of their trip.  More information about these fundraisers can be found on the Music Activity & Fundraisers Page.

By electing to attend our trip, the student and their family are committing to the cost of the trip.  A deposit payment in November indicates your commitment.  We build our trip roster and budget based on those who have submitted a deposit. After January, the deposit and additional trip payments are non-refundable.

Please take note of our typical payment schedule:

Payment Amount Due Due Date
 #1 (Deposit)  $200 (non-refundable after 1/10/22)  November
 #2  ½ of your remaining balance due


(after Citrus Sale profits are credited to student accounts)

 #3 (Final)  Total Amount Due


(after the Winter fundraiser profits are credited to student accounts)



It is important to us that ALL students have equal access to such trips.  Through our annual fundraising activities and the generosity of the music community, we do have scholarship funds to share for those in financial need.  Should you wish to request scholarship funds, please complete our Scholarship Application. Scholarship funds will only be distributed by way of the application, and music teachers will notify the recipients.


General Field Trip Considerations

As we embark on an overnight field trip, it is important to be reminded of the following rules & expectations.  We ask that you discuss these with your student before departing on our trip:

  • At all times students are expected to follow the rules & expectations as if at school.
  • As ambassadors of H-B Woodlawn and APS, students are expected to be respectful at all times and adhere to the rules of the venues we visit.
  • Throughout our trip, we will use Remind Text Messaging to communicate with students and chaperones. Students will always be able to access a chaperone during the trip.  If a chaperone is contacting a student, it is expected they respond promptly.
  • During free time, students must stay in groups of no less than 3 people at all times. No one is allowed to wander on their own.
  • Students will be assigned a hotel room with 4 to a room. Students will not be allowed to visit hotel rooms other than their own.  Once we arrive at the hotel, students may not leave the hotel premises for any reason.  After lights out, students may not leave their room for any reason.  A chaperone is assigned to each student hotel room to check-in with students at lights out and in the morning.
  • For students who will be bringing medication, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide us with written authorization, directions, and the medications.
  • Possessing or using cigarettes, e-cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, weapons, or any other controlled substances is strictly forbidden.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the student being sent home as quickly as possible at the expense of the student’s family.



In order for trips such as this to happen safely and appropriately, chaperones are necessary.  If you are interested in chaperoning, please let a music teacher know as soon as possible.  Chaperones are also financially responsible for the cost of the trip.  We promise that chaperoning our trip is easy, and a time well-spent.   Thank you for your support of what promises to be a very meaningful and exciting trip for our music students.


New York 2022


Nashville 2020

Atlanta 2019

Disney 2018

NYC 2017

New Orleans 2016