Concert Uniforms


It is customary in music performances for musicians to wear a uniform.  Following that tradition, all music students are expected to wear a uniform for our performances.  This is important so that the music is our primary focus, not our fashion statements.

The music uniforms do come at a cost and will be added to the student’s account.  Payment for uniforms can be paid by check payable to ‘H-B Woodlawn,’ by credit card at this link, or through our fundraising opportunities.  We also have gently used uniforms that may be available for a reduced cost, should that be of interest. Scholarship support is available for any student who may need. Please speak with your music teacher. The uniform expectations for each ensemble are as follows: 

  • High School Chorus Students – required to wear formal dress or tuxedo, which are ordered at the beginning of the year.  Several styles are available as options in support of all comfort levels. The cost of either the dress or the tuxedo is $110.  For those that have previously purchased a tuxedo, but have outgrown a part of it, we are able to order a tux jacket, shirt and/or pants.
  • High School Instrumental Students have the option of wearing the formal attire described above, or are asked to dress in all black: shirts, pants or skirt (below the knee), socks or stockings and dress shoes.  Those who wish to order a formal dress or tuxedo will also place their order at the beginning of the school year.
  • All Middle School Music Students– students are asked to wear our Music Dept. t-shirt (black t-shirt with pink logo) along with black pants or skirt, socks or stockings and dress shoes.  T-shirt orders will be collected at the beginning of each semester and cost $15.

For uniforms ordered at the beginning of the year/semester, it is important that measurements are taken accurately to make sure the uniform fits correctly.  Delivery of uniforms can take up to 6 weeks from the order date, so please pay attention to due dates. If your measurement form and payment have not been turned in by the due date, your uniform may not come in time for the concert, in which case you would not be able to perform.  Once you receive your uniform it is your responsibility to take care of any addition alterations.  HS dresses and tuxedo pants will come un-hemmed and will need to be hemmed before the first concert.

Concert Uniform Order Forms:

Click here to submit your order for a Middle School Music T-Shirt

Click here to submit your measurements and selections for the High School Formal Attire