Databases in libraries are valuable collections of copyright-protected magazine articles, videos, encyclopedias, primary sources and more.  Learn why students use them!

Teachers note:  how to link a source from your Canvas Course or assignment.

How do researchers go into the databases?     Do not use the Canvas App.  Do not use MackinVia.

Enter H-B’s Library Research Databases by using Canvas in a browser (like Safari, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.)  Use your teacher’s Canvas course and find the link to the “APS Library Resources”  toward the bottom of his or her course menu.  Follow that link to arrive at the screen pictured below.

A picture of the Canvas page linked from each H-B course menu provides multiple access points to the database including those recommended for middle school or high school as well as an alphabetical listing. At the bottom is a link to additional databases to which H-B students are subscribed for history, religion, art, music and pop culture.

NOTICE linked at the bottom additional databases to which H-B subscribes including Art, Music, Pop Culture and History.

Use “one login” credentials. The links provide access whether you are on campus or off campus.  Report any challenges to Maggie in the library for trouble-shooting with our technologists:

margaret . carpenter @


Do not make the mistake of trying to “google” for our database entry point. Canvas is our only way in since summer, 2019..