e-Books and e-Audiobooks

We have THREE main collections of e-books. Work with them on a computer or with a downloadable app for your mobile device.

  • MackinVIA
  • Follett
  • Proquest E-Book Central is not discussed on these pages. (It’s massive database of nonfiction for research purposes. Like other databases, get to it via the course menu in any teacher’s Canvas course.)

Step 1: Begin by installing the right software on the device you’ll use to read or listen to the book.

You can enjoy them on a computer by using an internet browser; but most people want to be able to go mobile with a downloadable app for your mobile device.

Step 2: Find a Follett or Mackin book by using an internet browser and the library’s catalog.

I-pad users can use Safari to login. The catalog is in the menu of our school’s web site. Apply your student ID (lunch #) and APS password if prompted.

Use your student ID# and password at "My Access" in the process of logging in.

School name? We go by “H-B Woodlawn.”  (Include the hyphen and spaces.)

Here’s a video tutorial on Library Catalog Basics to help you access the catalog, login and use some of the catalog features.

Step 3:

  • After you’ve opened the catalog, make sure you are logged in to the catalog.
  • Conduct your search (for a title, author or topic.)
  • In your search results, the e-Books and audio-books are labeled as such and typically have call numbers that end with EB. You’ll get the opportunity to listen/browse it… but eventually you still need to “check it out.” 
  • On i-Pads, you might need to use the correct app next (to open your e-book.)  See the table below. But on laptops, just use your browser to navigate into the book. Search results list five types of resources with distinguishing icons - Green for a Follett E-book, next aprint book, 3rd: a DVD, 4th: an audiobook from the Mackin Collection and 5th: an e-book from the Mackin collection.
  • Check the book out.
  • Your checkouts appear in your electronic “book bag” or list of “checkouts” when you log in with the correct app.

Step 4: Access your checked out books by using the correct app:

MackinViaThe MackinVIA app takes you into the Mackin Collection and permits you to download the Mackin book to go mobile (where you no longer have internet connection.)


The books you have checked out from Mackin appear in the Mackin "book bag" drop down menu where it says "checkouts."

DestinyReadLogoThe Destiny Discover app from Follett is not useful.  Delete it from your i-Pad.

The Destiny Read app is used only AFTER you have checked out a book by way of the library’s catalog. It is from Follett and empowers you to access your Follett checkouts that are in the cloud. Use it to download your book to your mobile device (to enjoy it when you’ve gone offline.)


  1. Bring your device to the library if you need assistance.
  2. If “browsing a book” enabled you to read it a little, it’s yours to check out. You should do so, or it won’t hold the point where you left off reading or listening.
  3. It may take five minutes or more to download an entire audiobook. If many students are downloading audiobooks at the same time, it requires a good deal of bandwidth. That’s why may be advisable to “check out at school, but download at home.”
  4. Notice that e-books from Follett are called Follett e-books.  (See the first BIG RED ARROW on the Search Results image above.) They have a “green e” logo. Any ebooks or audiobooks that aren’t labeled “Follett” are housed in MackinVia. They sometimes have a “blue e” logo. (See last BIG RED ARROW on the Search Results image above.)




Many thanks to Jenny Shanker for her assistance with some of the graphics at this page.