e-Books and e-Audiobooks

We have THREE main collections of e-books. Work with them on a computer or with a downloadable app for your mobile device.

  • MackinVIA
  • Follett
  • Proquest E-Book Central (a massive database of nonfiction for research purposes. Access from our database screen in MackinVia.)

Basics for Mackin and Follett for pleasure reading:

Search results list five types of resources with distinguishing icons - Green for a Follett E-book, next aprint book, 3rd: a DVD, 4th: an audiobook from the Mackin Collection and 5th: an e-book from the Mackin collection.

  • The way to see books contained in BOTH collections (Follett and Mackin) is to go the the library’s catalog at Follett Destiny Discover, especially if you are searching for a specific title.  Your search results reveal resources in both the Follett and Mackin Collections.
  • You should be logged in to the catalog before you search.
  • In your search results, the e-Books and audio-books have distinct icons as shown in the search results listed above.  Their call numbers end with EB and there is a button to “open” the item or to check it out.
  • On i-Pads, you might need to use the correct app next to open your e-book.  See the table below. But on laptops, just use your browser to navigate into the book. (Be patient and persistent. There’s a lot of technology at work!)
  • If you like the book that you’ve been flipping through, check the book out onto your Destiny Discover (catalog) account.  It then appears in your electronic “book bag” or list of “checkouts” when you log in with your app
  • Your MackinVia app will only display the e-books from the Mackin collection (as of 2019.)
  • Password? Use your “One Login.”
MackinViaThe MackinVIA app takes you into the Mackin Collection and permits you to download the Mackin book to go mobile to where you no longer have internet connection. brytewaveThe Destiny Discover app from Follett is not useful.  Delete it from your i-Pad.
The Destiny Read app from Follett empowers you to download and read a book that you have checked out for the cases when you wish to read it offline.


The MackinVia App no longer lists the books from Follett ‘s collection in your search results, only the Mackin collection.

In many cases, you have to be inside the collection that houses it (Mackin or Follett Destiny Discover) in order to see if the book is actually available for your checkout. The books can often be browsed briefly or listened to a little, even if it’s already checked out by someone else.  If no one has already checked out the book, it’s yours to check out and you should do so, or it won’t hold the point where you left off reading or listening.