e-Books and e-Audiobooks


It’s easier than you might think!

 eBook Readers

Yes!  We have a rapidly growing collection of e-Books and e-Audiobooks!  Work with them on a computer or with a downloadable app for your mobile device.  They work on most platforms and a quick session with the librarian will empower you for 24-7 access if you need help applying these instructions.

We have THREE main collections of e-books–

  • MackinVIA
  • Follett (which is the same supplier as the company that provides us our catalog linked on this web page’s menu)
  • Proquest E-Book Central (a massive database of nonfiction for research. Access from our database screen in MackinVia.)

Basics for Mackin and Follett for pleasure reading:

  • The fastest way to see books contained in BOTH collections (Follett and Mackin) is to go the the library’s catalog at Follett Destiny.
  • In your search results, the e-Books and audiobooks have distinct icons, and their call numbers end with EB and there is a button to “open” or “play” the book. (Follett will prompt you for your one login if you are a student.  Staff respond to Follett’s prompt this way.)
  • If you like the book that you’ve found, check the book out into your account.  After you check out a book, it appears in your electronic “book bag” when you log in to the collection (either from a computer or using an app on a mobile device.)
  • E-books stay checked out for 21 days, although you can return a book early to make it available to others.
  • Students may check out up to 5 books e-books at a time.  Staff may check out up to 10 books at a time, depending on which product you use.
  • You cannot renew a book, but you can re-check it out if it “expires.”
  • Password help for staff is here.  When students encounter prompts for usernames and passwords, they apply their APS ID# (not the “email address”) and their usual APS and StudentVue password.
MackinViaThe MackinVIA app takes you into the Mackin Collection but it cross-links to list books in the Follett Collection. brytewaveThe Discover app from Follett is used to go into the Follett collection, but it cross-links to list books in the Mackin Collection.

The Mackin and Follett collections cross-link to one another:

Here’s what’s confusing… the Mackin Collection will list the books from Follett ‘s collection in your search results.  But when you try to open a Follett book, it will prompt you for a login to Follett. Just log in with your StudentVue username and password.  (If your iPad just spins and spins and doesn’t open the book that you see in Mackin, it’s a Follett book.  Our on-campus access has a glitch that means it won’t open when you’re on campus.  Try it from home, or just open your Follett Discover app to try to access it instead.)

When you are searching in Follett’s Destiny catalog, the e-Books from Mackin are listed in your search results.  Go to the “details” page of a particular title and when you click “Click to open,” it will take you to Mackin to login.  If no one has already checked out the book, you can access it.