Even more Reading Clubs

Readers can anytime attend Brownies n Books on Mondays at I-Block. It’s a great place to meet readers at H-B to help you start a book club!

TAB is the book club welcoming all Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers for the widest variety of reading.  Details.

Student led Book Clubs: H-B and the public library have a good number of additional reading and book clubs led by students. Not all of them tackle entire books; some are formed to read articles or poetry. Join at any time! If you don’t see a reading group focused on your area of interest, get Maggie’s help to start one!

Faculty/Staff Reading/ Discussion one-time sessions: Be a reader of a book, an article, or just a chapter. Or, be a discussion leading partner to Maggie. Or just attend to hear the book intro and add a great work to your personal reading list. Commitment can be minimal or expansive, so consult with Maggie to learn about the support she can provide along any of those lines.