Music Activity Fee & Fundraisers

Music Activity Fee

We are grateful to Arlington Public Schools for their support of Arts Education, and for providing funding for some textbooks, instruments, repairs, and materials to teach.  But such funding doesn’t cover the many, many activities, programs, and experiences we support as a music department.  In particular, we remain committed that EVERY student has access to all of the trips and activities that we do.

To cover the costs that make our music department run, we ask that each student enrolled in a music ensemble to pay a $35 Music Activity Fee.  Of course this is a public school, so we cannot require the fee, but know that it is essential to the successful operation of our department, and we thank you for your generosity.  We ask for one fee per student, so if there are two music students in one family, that would mean two Activity Fees.  However if a student is enrolled in more than one music class, he or she is only asked to pay one activity fee.   Paying for the Music Activity Fee can be completed by making a check payable to ‘H-B Woodlawn’ and giving it to a music teacher.

The Activity Fee can also be paid by way of the Citrus and/or Peanuts Fundraisers.  Through these two fundraisers, each student will receive a percentage of the profits earned on the items they sell, which will initially go to the payment of the Music Activity Fee.  Additional funds raised will then go to the cost of the Spring Trip. If a student plans to attend the Spring Trip, the Music Activity Fee is not optional, and will be added to the total cost of the trip.

Thank you very much for your support of our department and its many activities. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel welcomed to contact a music teacher.



Between the Music Activity Fee and the cost of the Spring Trip, full participation in the music department’s activities is expensive for both the department and families. To help lessen the burden, we have established the following fundraisers. We thought it necessary for all to see the long-term fundraising approach. Two fundraisers are intended to raise money for the music department itself, which helps benefit all students and our scholarship fund. Two fundraisers are intended to benefit individual students, where the amount the student participates has a direct affect on that student’s account. Here is our approach for the 2016-17 school year.


– Rock-A-Thon to support the Music Department

 This fundraiser is intended to bring the high school music students together for an evening of community building and fun, and to kick off the fundraising initiative for school year. Students are asked to get pledges for minutes of “Rocking” as one would for a walk-a-thon. Students will earn their pledges by spending the night (12 hours) at H-B Woodlawn ‘rocking,’ which will be defined as teacher-led ensemble rehearsals, sectional rehearsals, individual practice time, Battle of the Bands, playing Guitar Hero, painting pet rocks, rocking in a chair, watching “School House Rock,” etc. More information about this event enclosed in the handbook.  Please visit the Rockathon Page for more information about this event.


– Citrus Fruit Sale to support Individual Students

The Citrus Sale is the most lucrative fundraiser for students. Students will receive a packet, which includes a catalog of the many items for sale. Students may sell these to family, friends and neighbors. These items ordinarily yield a 45-50% profit to your student’s account. Alternatively, students may also sell to family and friends who live out of town through the Door Step Direct program. In addition to fundraising, we also feel it is important to give back to our community, just before the holiday season, so families may donate items the to Arlington Food Assistance Program (AFAC).  Please visit the Citrus Sale Page for more information.


– “HBW Music Meals” to support the Music DepartmentMonday, September 26th at Chipotle Lee Heights

Rather than staying in, grab dinner out with the families of the HBW Music Dept.  Once each quarter we will host a night at a local restaurant where the profits earned will go to the HBW Music Dept.  Join us for an evening of food and friends to support our cause. 


– Silent Auction, Spaghetti Dinner & Jazz Feast to support the Music Department

Just like an Italian family’s Sunday night dinner, come gather around the table and enjoy a delicious spaghetti dinner, while being entertained by the music of the jazz band and other music ensembles. At the same time our gymnasium will be filled with many exciting items up for auction including treasured items, great experiences and vacation homes. Two years ago this event raised $15,000 for the Music Department and we hope to have as much success again. Please visit the Silent Auction Page for more information.


Virginia Diner Peanut Sale to support Individual Students

For students who still need to raise funds for the cost of their Spring Trip, and especially for students who enrolled in a music class late, this is the second fundraiser for students. In the past we have sold frozen food, but are finding that there is not much interest in the items for sale. This year we are thinking of something new, perhaps flower bulbs. More information about this fundraiser will be available during the school year.