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Photo of author Pedro Martin and the cover of his book MEXIKID along with QR codes for author's web site and the library's home page which links details about April 17 field trip for TAB book club members.

This Month:

March Book Madness announces the WINNER! Details!

TAB is organizing its April 17 field trip to see Pedro Martin. Details.

Women’s History Month resources are all over our library with many listed in a “collection” you’ll find when you open the library’s catalog.

College Ready with Research Skills? Join our pilot project. Interested 9th graders can work with Liz and Maggie to “badge” students whose work demonstrates their advancing skill. Spreadsheet (make a copy and share it with L and M.) See Maggie to get involved.

10th grade researchers are working on their inquiry-based Primary Sources Paper. They will collect 12-24 resources (some of them will be primary sources) to answer their over-arching question and focus questions. The library’s lessons and subject guides provide support to develop college readiness and resource awareness!

Brownies n Books: Sign up to lead or contribute to sessions on this schedule!  <– read about our next sessions! H-B's Nicola was state champion for scenario writing in the Future Problem Solving Scenario Writing competition, and Finn came in second. They are pictured.

Future Problem Solving Club: Congratulations to Nicola and Finn who came in first and second in the state-wide creative writing competition that centers upon evolving technology and global challenges. It is called Future Problem Solving. Details are at VAFPS. Join the club next fall, especially if you would enjoy a little research and possibly the dystopia genre! Maggie is the club’s sponsor. Creative writers can ask her for more information!

Kudos to these other leaders of clubs that reader-writers might join:

  • Naomi runs a high school book club that meetings in Catherine’s room, Tuesday I-blocks.
  • Cal’s continuing Anime and Manga club (Monday lunches in Paul’s room)
  • Lauren is leading efforts on H-B’s Literary Magazine called Epiphany.  See last year’s edition in the library and join that club during TM block Thursdays in Catherine’s room 301.

New Clubs: students who are planning to start their own book club or any other club at school this Fall can ask for the library’s notes and tips!  Rosie, our Activities Director will help you succeed!  Maggie can support you to use the Spread the Word link at the bottom of H-B’s home page to get your announcement on the PA system, on the scrolling announcements in the hallway and on the school’s social media. Visit her for help!

Here’s how to check your library account for books you owe.

E-content (some of it) is changing locations this year!  See how H-B’s newest e-books and audio-books will appear in the SORA app which is on the list of APS Library Databases.

Showing a magazine cover from The New Yorker, image say, For Comics! For over 100 Magazines including The New Yorker, Use the SORA app at "APS Library Resources" databases list at Canvas.

Track a new goal this year with an individualized reading contract. Meet with Maggie for support. It’s a application of one of our Four Pillars: Self-Directed Learning.

Book Cover of The Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education: Fostering Responsibility Healing, and Hope in Schools (Revised and Updated) by Kaatherine Evans and Dorothy Vaandering


Restorative Justice in Education (rje) has a following in APS schools as a means to promote non-violence, caring communities, integrity, equity and student choice and voice. Contact Maggie if you’d like to participate in H-B’s work inspired by The Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education. It’s an easy-to-read book you can check out from our library. Joining us develops leadership in our students as well as H-B’s Four Pillars: Caring Community, Equity, Self-Governance and Self-Directed Learning.

A pile of brownies is pictured with text saying Brownies n Books. I blocks.

Our schedule for Brownies -n- Books and information about joining a reading group provide great community building and service opportunities.  What will you lead?  Need ideas?  The schedule models diverse ways to share your voice, passions and library resources during I-Blocks.


Skills Focus:

Our Research Guides linked here support specific research projects assigned at HBW. Use them to develop skills targeted for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers. Explore the menu there to find the databases recommended for art, fashion, history, science and more!

Report to Maggie your research topic/question to get additional support and recommended resources. Meet with Maggie afterward for support. Using your APS Google login… High Schoolers use this form for Science Fair and Science Expo projects, NHD, PSP, Capstone, Sociology and projects of all kinds.

Community Building:

9th Graders are helping the library build a “collection” in the library’s catalog of the favorite books. Suggest a title to Maggie to be added since it will help other readers discover great YA fiction.

Enjoy book talks: High School TAB meets monthly!  Middle School TAB meets most Friday lunches! Start your own with ideas at the base of the page here!

Suggest a book that you want us to purchase for our collection: link.

Personal Reading Goal for 2023-2024: If you would like support from the library to reach a personal goal for your reading, you can record it at (or login to APS Google and access the Personalized Reading Goal Google Form.)  Consult individualized reading contract for some great ideas to stretch yourself through self-directed learning!

Log in to the catalog with the link at right to check if you have any overdue books (image here shows how.)  Use the catalog to access e-books in our Mackin and Follett collections. See books available from all of our APS libraries and arrange an inter-library loan.

Two Programs:  Our library at The Heights Building provides materials to students from two programs:  H-B Woodlawn (grades 6-12 as well as adult English Language Learners) where Maggie and Carol serve, and APS’s Shriver Program (serving older students with special needs.) From our facility, you can check out books ranging across reading levels from pre-reading to advanced college level research.

It won’t take long for you to see where books are shelved in our library.  Does this map help?

Map of HBW and Shriver Library with colors depicting sublocations of various formats of books including yellow for fiction, green for nonfiction, brown for biographies, red for picture books, purple for graphic novels, orange for quick picks and blue for Spanish.

Heights Library Sublocations. Look for color coding at the tops of the shelves as you browse.

Can you guess where each call number is shelved?  Hint:  look at the top and the bottom of each spine label that appears in the picture below!

A display of spine labels lists the following call numbers: 1) F-Alc, 2) B-Kin, 3) F-Kor QP, 4) E-Pet, 5 SC Kra, 6 973.6 - Law, 7) F-Daw-GN, 8 F-For-EB, B-Bus-AB, F-Dav SPA

Learn more about call numbers and their related locations in the library


Library Hours: 8:40 – 4:00.        Maggie Carpenter, Librarian    Carol Burger, Library Assistant

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