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This Month: Enjoy all of our Library’s Genres and Formats!

Map of HBW and Shriver Library with colors depicting sublocations of various formats of books including yellow for fiction, green for nonfiction, brown for biographies, red for picture books, purple for graphic novels, orange for quick picks and blue for Spanish.
Our (yellow) fiction section shelves all sub-genres (fantasy, realistic fiction, mysteries, etc) mixed together, but in alphabetical order by author’s last name.

Our school leaders at APS Central Offices ask you to record each visit you make to the library in a collection of data useful for their evaluation of library services. They plan to collect data each day till Winter Break. You need not record visits when you come with an entire class and your teacher.

Student Log (English) – 

Student Log (Espanol / Spanish) –  (Find QR codes and tiny URLs posted in the library.)

Mark Calendars: The Rosslyn Read Book Festival is Sept. 24.    The Fall for the Book Festival will be online and in person October 12-15. Author presentations and Writer Workshops! In-person Events are at George Mason University in Fairfax and a few other locations in the DMV region.

Upcoming Equity and Inclusion Book Discussions: Prepare for 2022-2023 book and article discussions by reading such titles as THE SUM OF US, HOW THE WORD IS PASSED, THE GUIDE FOR WHITE WOMEN WHO TEACH BLACK BOYS, DREAM HOARDERS, BETWEEN THE WORLD AND ME paired with THE FIRE NEXT TIME.  We might also discuss THE WAR ON NORMAL PEOPLE and essays from THICK. Read as much as you like, or simply attend for an introduction to the questions the authors address.  Watch this space for discussion guides, schedule and book descriptions (and the audiobook links that function for H-B community. Login to the catalog to arrange your checkout.)

Join a “Making Bread” session!  It’s a year-long series of Career Building Book/ Resource Discussions. Our library has abundant resources for career preparation, including these books. Will your career develop in the field of Health? STEM? Art? Construction? Film-making? Education? Business? As a student leader or participant, you could ask for an I-Block book discussion of your choice in our series called, “Making Bread.”  Yep. Fresh bread and butter will be served to discussion participants. Contact Maggie-the-Librarian to help build out this program for I-blocks based on our Brownies and Books model.

TAB announced its TOP TEN PICKS!  Thank you APL and Pubic Librarian Andrea for a fantastic year reviewing new books!

TAB's Top Ten Picks of 2021-2022 are shown with book covers for Carry me home by Janet Fox Freedom Swimmer by Wal Chim Hollow Chest by Brita Sandstrom Linked by Gordon Korman Long Lost by Jacqueline West Luck of the Titanic by Stacey Lee Shape of Thunder by Jasmine Warga Room to Dream by Kelly Yang Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim Vacancy by K.R. Alexander

Our schedule for Brownies -n- Books and information about joining a reading group provide great community building and service opportunities.  What will you lead?  Need ideas?  The schedule models diverse ways to share your voice, passions and library resources during I-Blocks..

Improve your reading skill and habit with an individualized reading contract. Meet with Maggie for support.

Skills Focus:

Finding books – Catalog Basics

Our Research Guides linked under “Research” support specific research projects assigned at HBW. Use them to develop skills targeted for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers. Explore the menu there to find the databases recommended for art, fashion, history, science and more!

Are you in the habit to start research with a Reference Article?   Do you move quickly beyond Wikipedia to scholarly alternatives? – See why!

Report to Maggie your research topic/question to get additional support and recommended resources. Meet with Maggie afterward for support. Using your APS Google login… High Schoolers use this form for NHD, PSP, Capstone, Sociology and Science Fair projects of all kinds.

Community Building:

9th Graders are helping the library build a “collection” in the library’s catalog of the favorite books read for QIRA. Suggest a title to Maggie to be added since it will help other readers discover great YA fiction.

Join TAB Meetings in the new year, starting in October!  It’s H-B’s Friday lunch book club for middle schoolers! High Schoolers do TAB, too, at Central Library 2nd Tuesday each month. Join for good eats AND reads!

Suggest a book that you want us to purchase for our collection: link.

Personal Reading Goal for 2022-2023: If you would like support from the library to reach a personal goal for your reading, you can record it at (or login to APS Google and access the Personalized Reading Goal Google Form.)  Consult individualized reading contract for some great ideas to stretch yourself through self-directed learning!

Log in to the catalog with the link at left to check if you have any overdue books (image here shows how.)  Use the catalog to access e-books in our Mackin and Follett collections. See books available from all of our APS libraries and arrange an inter-library loan.

Support for Starting a Club:  Drop in to conference with Maggie if you’d like quick advice on resources and steps to forming a new club (such as joining HIVE.) Then propose your club at Town Meeting for a vote.  Anime Club has started Monday I-blocks, so connect with Megan, grade 10!  You can also start a reading group with resources here.

Two Programs:  Our library at The Heights Building provides materials to students from two programs:  H-B Woodlawn (grades 6-12 as well as adult English Language Learners) and APS’s Shriver Program (serving older students with special needs.) Our book collection ranges across reading levels from pre-reading to advanced college level research. Our gorgeous new library has several learning spaces for instruction in information literacy skills as well as the enjoyment of pleasure reading.

It won’t take long for you to see where books are shelved in our library.  Does this map help?

Map of HBW and Shriver Library with colors depicting sublocations of various formats of books including yellow for fiction, green for nonfiction, brown for biographies, red for picture books, purple for graphic novels, orange for quick picks and blue for Spanish.
Heights Library Sublocations. Look for color coding at the tops of the shelves as you browse.

Can you guess where each call number is shelved?  Hint:  look at the top and the bottom of each spine label that appears in the picture below!

Library Call #s

Learn more about call numbers and their related locations in the library



Library Hours: 8:40 – 4:00.        Maggie Carpenter, Librarian    Carol Burger, Library Assistant




H-B Woodlawn Library

Wow! @ArlingtonVAlib provides online streaming + a live event tonight at the W-L aud. of this Pulitzer Prize winning author! So relevant to our 4th pillar on #equity @hbwprogram. With what will we agree... disagree? Libraries engage folks in discourse!
Published September 20, 22 3:00PM

H-B Woodlawn Library

Firming up my line-up for Sat's National Book Festival! You can reply with YOUR favorites, @APSLibraries @HBWProgram! Sabaa Tahrir? Darcie Little Badger? Clint Smith? Nic Stone? Malinda Lo? OMG, THE AUTHORS! And all freeeeeeee all Sat in DC!
Published September 02, 22 5:07PM

H-B Woodlawn Library

1st session of today's DEI symposium identifies diff stakeholding communities... analyzes challenges, perspectives, opportunities as we identify w or operate within each. Staff @HBWProgram can view all of 6 VIRTUAL workshops live in library today, 8/23/22. #EveryAPSStudent
Published August 23, 22 6:03AM