High School Honor Choirs

2018-2019 High School Honor Choir Opportunities

Throughout the school year, there are many opportunities for singers to audition and perform for an Honor Choir.  While performing in our school choir is a great experience, performing with an Honor Choir is a really great experience.  Often these choirs are much larger than our school choir, have a select group of singers and are led by a renowned conductor.  In most cases, the choir rehearses for two or three days, and then features a culminating concert.  Here is additional information about Honor Choir Auditions, Requirements and Participation.  They are listed in order of their audition date.  

All-Virginia Senior Honor Choir – November 15-17 – The Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, VA

Only eligible to High School Seniors.  Honor choir rehearses and performs during the Virginia Music Educators Conference (VMEA).

Audition Requirements: I Attempt from Love’s Sickness by Henry Purcell & Sight Reading.  All audition materials can be found at http://www.vmea.com/index.php/events-menu/honors-choirs.  Please note that this is NOT a blind audition.  You should dress appropriate to perform in front of the judges.

Audition Fee: $15

Audition Time and Location: Saturday, October 13th at Longwood University.  Anytime constraints need to be known by the audition form deadline. We will travel together as a group to the audition. Note the audition is during Columbus Day Weekend.

Audition Form & Fee Deadline: Monday, September 10.  Give all forms to Bill, checks are to be made at to HB Woodlawn.

If selected:

Participation Fee: approximately $220

Performance Time and Location: Saturday, November 17 at 1:15 at The Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, VA

Special Considerations: Selected students are responsible for finding transportation toand from The Homestead.  Hotel accommodations and meals are coordinated by the Honor Choir committee and included in the participation fee.

ACDA National Honor Choir – February 27-March 2 – Kansas City, MO

Singers with treble voices in grades 6-9  are eligible for the Children’s Honor Choir. Singers with treble, changed or changing voices in grades  7, 8 & 9 are eligible for the Junior High/Middle School Honor Choir. Treble singers in grades 10-12 are eligible for the High School/Collegiate SSAA Honor Choir.Tenor & Bass singers in grades 10-12 are eligible for the High School/Collegiate TTBB Honor Choir. All choirs rehearse and perform in conjunction with the American Choral Directors Association National Conference.

Audition Requirements: Singers must record three separate recordings: one singing a scale, another of a prepared excerpt provided by ACDA, and another with 60 seconds of a song of your choice.  Audition music and practice tracks can be found at the link below. Bill is happy to assist with the audition preparation and recording. All audition materials must be submitted by October 3rd.  Click HERE for more additional information about the audition, audition materials and practice tracks.

Audition Fee: $30

Audition Time and Location: Set-up a time with Bill to record the mp3, or you may do soon your own.   All forms and materials must be uploaded to the ACDA website by October 3rd.

If selected:

Participation Fee: $175

Performance Time and Location: Saturday, March 2 – Kansas City, MO

Special Considerations: Students are financially responsible for transportation to and from the event, hotel accommodations and meals to participate in this event.   Students MUST be accompanied bya parent or chaperone during their stay.

All District Honor Choir – February 7-9 – Marshall HS

Eligible to all middle & high school students, who, if selected, will be for either the SSAA or the SATB Choir.

Audition Requirements:
Sing a prepared art song: Whither Must I Wander by John Downland & Sight reading.  Click here for audition materials and practice tracks.

Audition Fee: $10

Audition Times and Locations:

HS- Saturday, November 3, at James Madison High School in Oakton, 8:00am – 3:00pm

If selected:

Participation Fee: approximately $40

Rehearsal Times:
HS– February 7-9 at Marshall HS

Performance Time and Location: Saturday, February 9th at Marshall HS – 1:00pm for MS; 3:00pm for HS

Special Considerations: Participation fee does not include lunch, though a lunch option is available.  Students may bring a brownbag lunch or purchase a lunch plan in advance.

All-Virginia Honor Choir – April 4-6 – Richmond, VA

In order to audition of the All-Virginia Choir, students must have been accepted to the All-District Choir, and have scored in the top 50% of their voice part.  Students will be notified if they are eligible to audition for All-Virginia Choir.  Auditions will take place the first evening of the All District Honor Choir rehearsal.

Audition Requirements: Whither Must I Wander by Roger Quilter & Sight Reading.

All audition materials can be found at: http://www.vcda.net/index.php/2013-12-10-04-17-46/all-virginia-menu/allva-chorus-audition.html

Audition Fee: $16

Audition Time and Location: During the Thursday evening rehearsal of the All District Chorus

If selected:

Participation Fee: approximately $155


Participation in any of these honor choirs comes with a significant musical and financial responsibility. If a student wishes to audition for any of these, they must recognize and accept the amount of time and effort they take. Students are expected to have their music learned on their own before attending rehearsals. Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and follow the specific rules and guidelines outlined for each event. Though these honor choir opportunities come with a significant financial responsibility, in no way does H-B Woodlawn wish to preclude anyone from participating. Please speak to Bill if financial assistance is needed.