Music Theory

Music Theory I  Grades 9-12

Music Theory is a comprehensive academic course in the study of harmony, voice leading, linear aspects of music, rigorous ear training, and musicianship development.  Students will work on their sight-reading, composition, and performance skills, as well as mastering the basics of standard music theory.  There is homework and written exams.  No music background is necessary, though previous experience will help the student excel.  This course serves as a precursor to the subsequent AP Music Theory course.  Though this course is not an AP course, it’s pace and scope are that of an AP level.  In many ways, the AP course is divided into two year-long sections to fully prepare students for the AP exam.  Students are welcomed to take only Music Theory I, but must take Music Theory I in order to take AP Music Theory.

AP Music Theory Grades 10-12

Prerequisite:  Music Theory I

This college-level course is designed for the advance music theory student.  Using the Music Theory AP Exam as a guide, the course offers extensive studies in part writing, voice leading, harmony, composition, sight-reading and ear training.  Students will be expected to compose and perform as well.  Students are strongly urged to take the Advanced Placement Exam for which college credit may be awarded.

Advanced Topics in Music Theory Grade 12

Prerequisite: Music Theory I & AP Music Theory

This independent study music theory course is designed for students who have successfully completed the music theory sequence.  Students will meet with the instructor independently and explore advanced music theory topics of their choosing.  Students are required to coordinate their schedule with the instructor in order to take this course.