The Academic Program at H-B Woodlawn

The H-B Woodlawn Program is designed to give certain secondary students greater responsibility for the direction of their own education. Our students exercise this authority in the selection of courses and independent study options, in the setting of educational goals, in the use of their own time, in the control of their personal behavior, and in participating in the governance of the school.

Students accept the limitations in program offerings when they enter H-B Woodlawn. We do not offer home economics, technical education, or industrial arts classes. Students may be able to take these courses at their home school or at the Career Center.

The H-B Woodlawn Program is a combined middle and high school, but since the essential nature of our philosophy crosses all grade levels, the various levels of instruction and counseling co-exist peacefully. The schedule, use of time, methods of instruction, and use of staff vary from grade level to grade level. The Town Meeting is the single governing body for the entire school. The philosophy of encouraging student self-reliance and participation in education is found increasingly as students progress through the grades. Since teachers subscribe to this philosophy, the staff crosses the grade levels for both philosophical and practical scheduling reasons.