What to Read Next

Our library has an extensive collection of fiction books in addition to materials for research.  We also have a very healthy graphic novel collection with lots of comics and super-hero books as well as an amazing “Actors’ Bookshelf” in our 800’s.

H-B’s librarians, past and present, guide you towards these lists:

  • Winners of the Newbery Award, Printz, National Book Award, Pulitzer as well as the top recommendations of students at HBW are listed in “Collections” that are accessed in our Library Catalog.
  • Students can access one of H-B’s databases called “NoveList” via Canvas.  NoveList is a database housing book information that is searchable by lexile (aka, reading level), by genre, by topic of interest, etc.  With this database, students can look up books they love, and then find books that “read alike.”  Ask Maggie if you want help getting oriented to the database.
  • Want best books?  Try:
  • Virginia Reader’s Choice – annual lists of recommended books from the Virginia State Reading Association, voted on by K-12 students in Virginia
  • Capitol Choices – Recommended book lists from librarians, teachers, booksellers, children’s literature specialists, reviewers, and magazine editors who work in cities, suburbs, and rural areas in and around Washington, D.C.
  • New York Times Top 100 books of 2017
  • A favorite site for book recommendations:  Your Next Read
  • New York Public Library Site:  Stuff for the Teen Age.  Check it out!
  • Another fun site for book reviews, recommendations, movie tie-ins and author gossip is:  Forever Young Adult
  • Diversity is important.  See the world through different lenses:  Diversity in YA
  • Want to know “what comes next” in a series?  Use one of these links:
  • Don’t you hate it when there is a huge gap in a series?  Check out this site:  Recaptains: Saving Series, One Book at a Time, designed to refresh your memory between that “last” book, published years ago and that “newest” book.

H-B’s book clubs are forums for sharing great titles. Try out a meeting!

What has H-B alum and our former Supervisor of Libraries been reading?  She was H-B’s Librarian and we love reading Theresa Flynn’s Wild Librarian Bookspot — hundreds of reviews and still counting.