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COVID-19 Resources

Colleges and Universities that have pledged to be test optional can be found below:–publications/newsroom/test-optional-means-test-optional/

SAT testing and information can be accessed through the links below:

SAT COVID-19 Updates:

ACT testing and information can be accessed through the following links:

ACT COVID-19 Updates:


H-B Woodlawn’s CEEB Code: 470-127

Welcome to H-B Woodlawn’s College Corner!   I just wanted to update you on a few things and remind you of the other resources besides this website that we have available to aid you in your college planning.

Current H-B Woodlawn Profile

Click on the link for the 2022 H-B Woodlawn Profile: 2022 HBW Profile


Here you can find an abundance of college resources.  If you are a senior, this will especially helpful for you.  If you have never signed into Naviance, you can access it through your MyAccess page.  Click on the NAVIANCE icon and you should be automatically signed in.  If you are having trouble accessing your account, please email Fatima Posada-Bellaz Other things you can find on Naviance are:

  • College Visits to H-B
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • College Comparison Queries
  • ACT/SAT tutorial and study resources