Logistics for HBW Library

NEW! Your next library books become ready at H-B each week day.  It happens within 24 hours of your placing it on “hold.”

  • If the book is listed in your “check-outs” in our catalog, you can pick it up between 9 am and 4 pm in our main office.  Look for the red cart.

How to check out books for pick-up:  video.  It demonstrates how to follow these steps:

  • Patrons use the library catalog (available in the menu of the HBW web site) to “order” their books.
  • Begin by placing available books on “hold.”  (Doing so prompts the library staff’s next steps, including “checking it out” to you.)
  • For best success, place holds by midnight before our next school day.
  • The book will be ready for the student to retrieve only after it is marked as “checked out” on your Catalog account. Consult your check-out list there before you make the trip to the school office.
  • Use book for two weeks, then return it or use the catalog to renew it before it is overdue.
  • Returned books will be checked back in, “quarantined” for 7 days, wiped, and then re-shelved the 8th… so systems will potentially reflect lags. Availability is not instantaneous and rely on folks returning their books in a timely fashion.
  • Pick-ups and drop-offs for families with students off campus:  Avoid beginning and end of school day, please.  Look for our red cart in the main office.
  • Books are now available from many participating libraries of other APS schools through “inter-library loan.” Set your search to “Arlington Public Schools” for a wider selection of books. Place it on hold, give it a few days, and when it’s checked out to you, find it on our red cart in H-B’s main office.

Help us help you:

  1. Lost a book? Just email carol . burger @apsva.us (no spaces) with the details. We will need to bill you to replace it, but we’ll get it re-ordered for other patrons right away.
  2. Look up the titles you owe the library by clicking the library catalog open. Then apply your APS My Access username and password to login to the catalog. Find your checkouts listed in our Destiny Discover catalog at the “hamburger” menu (the 3 lines in the upper left corner.)The library's catalog provides access to the list of a patron's check-outs (as well as collections of book recommendations) in a three lines menu in the upper left corner. That menu is frequently referred to as "the hamburger menu" because the three lines resemble a burger between two buns.The login button to the library catalog is pictured in the upper right corner of the catalog screen.


This video tutorial is loaded with “Library Catalog Basics.”