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About Us:

The Library at the Heights Building provides resources for students from two programs.  The staff has served the H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program for many years, including the time that it existed as the Judy Mayeux library on Vacation Lane. Starting Fall, 2019 with the opening of The Heights Building in Rosslyn, the library is visited also by patrons from The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Program (formerly known in Arlington as The Stratford Program.) Welcome all!Maggie Carpenter

Maggie Carpenter began serving as H-B Woodlawn’s librarian in Fall 2015. She came to H-B after many years overseas in international schools and then more recently an area magnet school for science and technology.  As a former history teacher and traveler, she loves reading about current events, cultures of the world and how kids learn and develop. She is interested in evolving technologies and their impact on culture and learning. She is dedicated to helping students learn 21st-century skills for resourcefulness, independence, and confidence. Her motto is, “Nothing will shape your life’s journey more than the QUESTIONS you ask.”  So, go for it!  Ask her your questions at Margaret . Carpenter @ (no spaces).  She’ll help you learn tools, skills, and resources for research that will save you time and help you do your best work.

Carol Burger

Carol Burger is the Library Administrative Assistant. For nine years prior to coming to H-B Woodlawn, she worked with Library Media Services in APS.  The positive energy and curiosity of the students are what she enjoys most about working here.  She can’t pick a favorite book … there are too many!  Contact her at Carol . Burger @ (no spaces)

Library Office can also be reached at 703 – 228- 6373.