Tech FAQs

How do new students get accounts? (Google, StudentVue, Blackboard, etc.)

Active Directory accounts for wifi, Google, StudentVue, etc. are automatically created when they are enrolled in the system.  However a random password is assigned that needs to be changed.  Contact Teri with the student’s name, and student ID number or submit this form. Blackboard accounts are also created automatically.  The initial password for students is […]

How do I make math symbols on the computer?

Go to ALT Codes – Alt Codes for Maths / Mathematics for a full list of alternative keyboard codes to display characters.Or use Microsoft Equation in Microsoft Office Products:In Microsoft Office, click where you want to insert the equation.Go to Insert–> Object –>Create NewIn the box, scroll to select Microsoft Equation 3.0. Click OK.Build the equation by […]

How can I get photos off the digital cameras?

Get a card reader from Teri or Maggie Insert the memory card into the reader and connect it to the USB port of your computer. Click on the Computer icon at the top of your desktop.  Your photos will be on one of the removable drives. Copy your photos to your Google Drive or a USB flash drive. Log […]