What’s the Difference between Blackboard and Google Classroom?

BlackBoardWelcome to Google ClassroomBlackboard is a full LMS (Learning Management System) supported by APS. Google Classroom is an app made available by Google which we can use with our APS domain.  It is not supported by APS and does not have all of the features of a full robust LMS.  However, it is quite easy to use, especially if you use Google Docs. Students enroll by using a code you give them.

APS is looking at which LMS we should use going forward.  It may be Blackboard or it may be a different one.  Google is not a full LMS.

Many teachers in the county and at H-B are using Google Classroom.  When I say support, it means no one in IS or ITC has oversight, management or any assistance with your Google classroom.  Your best support is other teachers and using the Google help available online.  APS has no control except managing the Google domain itself.

Google has added some exciting new features to Google Classroom, many in response to teacher requests including quizzes with corrective feedback and the ability to annotate (draw on) a Google doc. Here’s a video with some of the new features I tweeted. (follow me @HBWITC)

The decision between Blackboard and Google depends on the features you want to use.