Access on mobile devices

Is Your Mobile Device Supported?

Ignore this information if you are enjoying your e-content by using a school issued laptop and internet-connected.

In order to access your e-Books or e-Audiobooks on your mobile devices such as phones or i-Pads

  • Delete the Follett Destiny Discover K-12 app to browse and check out e-books and e-audiobooks.  It stinks. Instead, use Safari (or another internet browser) to browse and check out books.  But once you have checked out a book from the library catalog….
  • The Follett Destiny Read app is necessary to download and read Follett’s books offline.
  • For the Mackin collection, you need need the MackinVia App.  Get it from the App Catalog, Apple Store or Mackin.
  • The books you’ve “checked out” will be located in your personal “book bag” in that app.  They are “in the cloud” and accessible from any computer or mobile device.  Download them from the cloud if you need to go into an environment that does not have internet access.
  • Students and Staff login with APS username and password (same as StudentVue.)
  • The app might ask you for the name of your school.Use  H-B Woodlawn.  (There is a hyphen needed between the H and B, and a space follows the B.) If you type that in, select our school from the drop-down menu to proceed. Then continue with your “APS” username and password.
MackinVia app
opens your Mackin books.


Destiny READ app from Follett accesses the books you already checked out from Follett when you used the catalog in your Safari browser.