Admitted Middle School Students

Students entering 6th Grade:

Welcome to H-B Woodlawn! We invite admitted students to an online visit with our 6th grade team (see below for dates). Students have been assigned by attending school to one of our Teams meetings, which will last about one hour. A link to the meeting will be emailed to parents directly. If your student has a scheduling conflict to their assigned Teams meeting please contact Vanessa Piccorossi (or via Google Voice at 571-969-2747‬) as soon as possible. Please remember that the deadline to accept or decline your student’s place at H-B Woodlawn is Monday, February 22. You will need to do this via SchoolMint as well as by completing the online HBW Program Student-Parent Commitment and HBW 6th Grade Course Request form (details at the end of this page).

Attending School Virtual Visit Date Time
Abingdon 2/9/2021 3-4 pm
Arlington Science Focus 2/9/2021 3-4 pm
Arlington Traditional 2/9/2021 3-4 pm
Ashlawn 2/9/2021 3-4 pm
Barcroft 2/9/2021 3-4 pm
Barrett 2/9/2021 3-4 pm
Campbell 2/11/2021 3-4 pm
Carlin Springs 2/11/2021 3-4 pm
Claremont 2/11/2021 3-4 pm
Discovery 2/11/2021 3-4 pm
Drew 2/11/2021 3-4 pm
Fleet 2/11/2021 3-4 pm
Glebe 2/16/2021 3-4 pm
Hoffman-Boston 2/16/2021 3-4 pm
Jamestown 2/16/2021 3-4 pm
Key 2/16/2021 3-4 pm
Long Branch 2/16/2021 3-4 pm
McKinley 2/16/2021 3-4 pm
Montessori Public School of Arlington 2/18/2021 3-4 pm
Nottingham 2/18/2021 3-4 pm
Oakridge 2/18/2021 3-4 pm
Randolph 2/18/2021 3-4 pm
Taylor 2/18/2021 3-4 pm
Tuckahoe 2/18/2021 3-4 pm
Schools other than Arlington Public Schools 2/18/2021 3-4 pm

Parents, the link to your student’s assigned Team meeting will be sent to you no later than 9:00 pm on Monday, February 8. This is a meeting for students. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Vanessa Piccorossi (or via Google Voice at 571-969-2747‬). Plan to attend an important meeting for rising 6th grade parents on February 18 at 7:30 pm via Teams. Again, the link to this meeting will be sent to you directly, no later than 4:00 pm on February 17.


1. Please read and sign the H-B Woodlawn Program Description and Student/Parent Commitment.
2. The H-B Woodlawn 6th Grade Course Request Form

Please complete these forms by Monday, February 22, 2021.