Month: September 2015

PAC Meeting Minutes – September 21, 2015

The meeting convened at 7:30 pm in the library. Attendees:  Casey Robinson, Graham McBride, Kate Seche, Laura Saul Edwards, David Tornquist, Meredith Wadman, Kristen Colston,  Chuck Kleymeyer, Celia Boddington, Anne-Marie Bolton, Elisabeth Casey, Jan Gronemeyer, Harald Kenerleber, Linda Friedman, Greg Lane, Maribeth Egan, Vicky Mendelowitz, Richard Walker, Jeanne Radday, Kathryn Ricero, Laura Hall, Anne Hammer, […]

Town Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2015

Topics: Motions: Special schedule 9/24, Activity block for the Big Draw; Activity block activities are consent items in Town Meeting – -Discussions:  Activity Blocks, 6th graders TA, End of year scholarship information, Wifi Situation, HB Honor Society – – Announcements:  Committee for Future of HB, Building Level Planning Committee, Bike rack, Street Sense, Theater Season, Song Writing Club, Ultimate Frisbee!