Town Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2015


Motions: Special schedule 9/24, Activity block for the Big Draw; Activity block activities are consent items in Town Meeting – -Discussions:  Activity Blocks, 6th graders TA, End of year scholarship information, Wifi Situation, HB Honor Society – – Announcements:  Committee for Future of HB, Building Level Planning Committee, Bike rack, Street Sense, Theater Season, Song Writing Club, Ultimate Frisbee!


  • SAB elections
    • Nominees selected next week
  • Staff meeting tomorrow


  • Committee for Future of HB
    •  Continuing the committee started by Bennett last year; ask Marie for details
  • BLPCs update – Building Level Planning Committee
    • Both proposed buildings were significantly over budget○
    • Possibly remove parking from new building?
    • Many other ideas on the table
    • Ask members of the BLPC for more information
    • Students in 8th grade will be the first class to graduate from the new school
  • Bike rack
    • Any ideas for where a new, larger bike rack should go are welcome
  • Street Sense Tom
    • Looking for students interested in writing and otherwise taking part in the upcoming play, “Devising Hope”
    • Really great program, sign up in the next few days!
  • Theater Season Tom
    • Please audition for, take part in, or see the new blackbox shows!
    • Many auditions available during Lunch, and H Block later this week
  • Song Writing Club Dan○
    • First meeting in room 108 at lunch time today
    • Future meetings will be scheduled for a different time
  • Ultimate Frisbee! Dave
    • 6th grader ultimate practice on Wednesday! Other students will have practices later this week.
    • Do I need to have any previous experience? NO!

Consent Items


  • Special schedule 9/24 Casey
    • Brief TA at the beginning of the day to allow for preparation for Back to School Night
    • Motion passed.
  • Activity block for the Big Draw
    • Motion Passed.
  • Further discussion on the scheduling of activity blocks below.


  • Activity blocks
    • Activity blocks will be held during one Town Meeting a month○
    • Perhaps activity blocks should be consent items in Town Meeting Bill P
    • We shouldn’t be scheduling things during Town Meeting, so an activity block would give us time to have choices Eleanor
    • Perhaps Activity blocks would help attendance at TAs, with less conflicts
    • Maybe having so many activities during one block would create even more conflicts
  • Motion that activity block activities are consent items in Town Meeting Bill
    • Call to question
    • Passed
  • 6th graders TA
    • Any high schoolers interested in talking to 6th grade TAs about Town Meeting are welcome
  • Town Meeting Class○ (same as above)
  • End of year scholarship information
    • More information on the end of year scholarships, especially since there are more of them? Maybe on the website? Carol
  • Wifi Situation
    • Probably a carryover from SOL testing? Ben
    • We are short IP addresses for all personal and school devices Dan
    • Is there anything we can do about this, maybe ask the county?
    • IP addresses are not the problem; we don’t have enough bandwidth (from Verizon) Ben
    • There was a similar problem recently addressed at WL. Tom
  • HBHS
    • HB Woodlawn Honors Society○
    • Make the NHS “more about our school”
    • Community engagement should be social, continuous, engaging○
    • Meeting at TA on Thursday○
    • Trying to show the community that HB is already a part of the larger community.
    • No GPA average required○
    • Motion to table –  Passed

Chair: Salome Gongadze

CoChair: Ben Gessel

Secretary: Jacob Hall