Town Meeting May 17, 2016

Topics: You Tube pilot, Bras Band proposal, Hiring Committees, Senior Wall, Room Committee, Outside Teacher request for ASFF


  • SAB:
  • Staff Meeting:


  • YouTube Pilot– a lot of debate, we can go to YouTube now  (starts Monday, not now)
  • Brass Band proposal– 20 people interested in making brass band (potentially year-long course after school)
  • One Acts– I heard it was incredible (Wed Thurs Friday) Cappies- two people nominated Nate Hess, air shenkmenSoutherns-
  • Frisbee is awesome  – boy got 3rd, girls got 1st☺️☺️☺️☺️


  • Hiring committees
    • part time Theater, part time Art, MS Math, part-time ASL part time Science also –
    • already completed three hiring committees:  we already have a new Physics and a new 7th grade resource teacher, sixth grade Science should be done soon.
    • Sign up sheets will be by main office, Wed and Thursday next week. (3:30-5:30 after school) ❤️❤️☹☹☺️
  • Senior Wall – Marie is super awesome, we need to paint wall, paint wall by gym (will use both sides, of wall 95ft) Motion passed
  • Room committee proposal– no major changes,
    • will get a full time social worker (use room 100 for office),
    • Deirdre will get a trailer outside (social studies teacher),
    • possibly moving Kristen to another room,
    • theatre will primarily meet on stage
    • (band possibly open),
    • (will reconvene)Motion Tabled.
  • Outside teacher request- ASFF has gotten even bigger, judges need to be hired from outside, a few more judges are needed. Five more stipends at $100 are needed, $500 total. Motion Passes.


Chair: Nana G

Co Chair: Ellie Cloe

Secretary: Austin Do