Town Meeting 1/10/2017

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  • Library database- login procedure for Follet has changed!  See the library website under Databases for directions –
  • Screenplay contest
    • Sponsoring Arlington film fest in June;
    • screenwriting contest for fest, tom mallan wants real writers from hb
    • Model United Nations recommended or with PSP involving foreign nations
  • Art exhibit – Art exhibit hosted by seniors
  • HS TAB – Come see Maggie about tab



  • Bring in your fake news
    • If students have intresting fake news, bring to Maggie
  • CQ research
  • AP classes?
    • Removal of ap class but in portions APs get in way of selecting electives;
    • colleges see APs without regard,
    • ‘high-fallutin’ tests that siphon away time from students,
    • detriment to individualized learning
    • AP tests important, but classes less so in eyes of colleges;
    • about passions AP classes should not be discussed in college context
    • If curriculum is taken away, if colleges will accept credit, but alleviation of burden is a plus Colleges look to see if you’ve taken most challenging courses available, and if those courses are taken away, college acceptances are forgiving
    • Away from colleges, removal of stigma is positive, however the scope of options must be considered; if someone wants to do more rigorous courses, taking away APs may hurt them
    • First AP classes were in late 80s; AP classes are a good resource for people wishing for accelerated studies, studies whose courses aren’t in regular curriculum; college style learning; but scale= problem
    • AP courses opens up options AND saves money for aspiring students; AP classes help with timely graduations
    • To sacrifice advanced classes in favor of individualized learning is not worth risk; goal is to bridge gap between high school and college, despite stress and feelings associated with AP
    • Problem with people taking APs not for their own enjoyment, but because of pressure; APs must be looked at individually rather than a whole
    • Students wanted APs and not students; AP classes are positive, and teachers don’t have to teach only from the test; APs good for learning, but other courses could potentially satisfy those needs; these classes could still use college textbooks, and more learning could be gained from it;
    • Arlington pays for APs, but unsure if they will pay for suggested alternate courses;
    • question asked of how transition for no APs would go about
    • APs aren’t just about college classes, but about adjustment to college atmosphere; rigorous courses could still be offered
    • Clarification asked: would AP curriculum be more or less preserved with new classes?;
    • If APs taken away, motivation for higher achievement is gone
    • Making decision for entire group is risky; if APs and tests are taken away, it wouldn’t help; possibility of motion of AP classes still rigorous but open to individualistic learning
    • College admissions need to be researched to see how AP classes are seen by colleges in general;
    • recommendation of a committee to research this
    • Some AP classes aren’t accepted as credit for college;
    • student-directed product is AP, for AP environmental science class, and positive influence of the class is praised; suggested to reform how hb does APs.
    • Advanced courses instead of APs, but still with test? Change is in name-only, and there would be no point to taking away APs; thought required in important classes and keep them
    • Question asked if non-APs would have same AP curriculum with same textbooks and optional test AP classes reduces price for colleges and allows flexibility;
    • physics and physics 2 instead of AP? This option would be more rigorous for those who wish it; option of exploration
    • Propostion to table; then motion and vote
    • Vote for motion fails
    • Motion to close speakers list passes
    • AP classes don’t always help, and doesn’t always affect college career; moneymaking industry; major financial difference in college selection; opportunities taken away because of no APs;
    • real financial issue if APs taken away; ‘follow bliss’, and options are wanted
    • Advanced physics and other classes can still be offered without APs, and class decision could be made; potential option
    • Advanced curriculum v. AP curriculum, and its proper utilization; if choice of AP is removed, changing name would still change perception
    • Positive reaction to advanced over AP; students not always take AP for good reasons, but it is a personal choice, and they could easily drop the class and select what they want on course request form; wish for maximum choice regarding APs
    • If no one wanted APs, there wouldn’t be it; most students select APs because of college admissions; ‘college level’ label is more like advanced, student-driven classes; AP classes are designed for rigorous work/stress and not college; quantity trumps quality in AP; rigour= quantity in AP’s eyes
    • People who wanted to take AP courses want to pursue interests; better class with same mindset; if no AP, more individualized learning classes, but there is little there already; part of problem is potentially the teacher, who need to be confident and creative; students who know enough about material will not always be confined to the teacher; can’t forget about people who like subject and want to study it
    • Even with many APs infused with passion, inadequacy is present, and stress for APs drives the problem; problem may be alleviated somewhat with no APs; research papers are common in college, but only one is assigned in high school; no APs lets people get into college-level assignments
    • Cooperation with students in creating courses is a positive prospect, but with APs, curriculum is static; structure mentioned already exists
    • AP and advanced are same thing; colleges accept the most intense classes, and there would be little to no difference; change with teachers and students needed, and their attitude for only getting an A is detrimental; passion and love in subject is needed
    • Interest expressed in alumni sharing opinions on AP classes; worry with trading AP classes with advanced and that nothing will change; courses created by students and teachers promising
    • Conversation last year on AP or seminar based art history class, and are positive in the class’ direction; sometimes rigour of class is brought about by teachers, not curriculum
    • Partially cultural problem, partially structural problem; not in our control to change structure; worthy to think about how GPA is weighed; stressor of APs one is not passionate about
    • If AP switched with advanced, things would indeed change; teachers could allow for more diverse courses without influence of AP curriculum; student-driven classes; state schools will accept half of hb students without problem; gradual change suggested with rotation of APs and increase of student-driven learning
    • Culturally, it would be difficult to stray from APs, and it would be better, in the students’ eyes, to take an AP rather than not; a student’s vocation should already be decided, and they should choose their preference; college sometimes hinders the student’s choice
    • Concern= switching AP with advanced and not changing; concern= no personalized learning, etc.; no question in other high schools, they simply want APs and don’t care; hb would still be in competition with other schools, since they wouldn’t change; if AP classes are taken and not all at once, we will be weaker academically (in college’s eyes) than other high schools; different experience in APs in hb than in Washington-lee; APs in other high schools much more rigorous than in hb; hb’s view of APs (already very personalized) is much different
  • Motion to adjourn passes
  • New student orientation


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