Web Page – Editing

Editing Your Staff web page

Staff members have a webpage linked to their name in the staff directory. You can not change your displayed name or the courses, but you can change the page title and add content to the page.  At a minimum I’d suggest saying something about how you post your announcements, adding a link to your Google Classroom, Blackboard or StudentVue. You can also add additional pages, display your twitter feed or create posts that display on your page.

To edit your page, go to the H-B webpage.  Log in to the link for OneLogin at the top of the webpage using your regular credentials.  You should then see a black menu bar for Word Press at the top.

On the regular H-B webpage, go to Academics – Teacher Pages and search for your name.  When you get to your page, you should see “edit page” on the black Word Press menu bar. Let me know if you don’t have a page or don’t see edit.

Training Video Links to screencast.com These videos are flash based, so try using Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser.

Managing Section Menus

If you edit a section of the webpage (not part of teacher pages) you many have a section. At first, all menus had to be created manually, but the developer now has a way of displaying automatic section menus.

  1. Your pages must all be in the same section.
  2. Edit one of your pages and scroll down to the bottom to “Automatic Section Menu.” (If you see a red bar the section has a menu that overrides the automatic menu.  Tell Tyler.)
  3. All pages with that section will appear.  If you are missing a page, simply find the page and make sure it has the correct section.
  4. Drag the pages into the order you want.
  5. Change the title that appears in the menu if desired
  6. Select indent if a page is a subpage
  7. Check hide page if you don’t want it to appear on your menu.  This is a way you can hide a page you are not currently using!