Using & Locking Laptop Carts

Laptops Carts are distributed around the building and are shared by teachers in the surrounding classrooms. Check the Computers & Equipment page for cart locations.

Contact the primary teacher to use the cart.  It is generally the borrowing teacher’s responsibility to get the cart and return it.

Make sure the cart is locked when not in use.  Get a key from the teacher if you do not have one.

Problems encountered using laptops are generally caused by failure by the previous user to properly shut down, charge and return the laptop to the proper location. All technical problems need to be reported to Teri or the APS Help Desk.

Please check the teacher and student responsibilities below before using laptops. Failure to follow these will result in problems for the next class trying to use the cart.

Students responsibilities:

  • shut down the laptop completely before closing the lid (PCs shut down when the lid is closed.  Macs do not shut down.  You must go to the Apple menu and select Shut Down.  Do not close the lid – WAIT until the computer has completely shut.)
  • return the laptop to the proper numbered location on the cart
  • plug in the laptop for recharging
  • do not remove or untie chargers in cart.  (Teri has additional chargers if needed.)
  • notify the teacher of any technical problems (describe problem and laptop #)

Teacher responsibilities:

  • Reserve the cart – check with the primary teacher
  • Arrange to get the cart and return it to primary room.  (If you send students to get laptops, make sure all laptops are returned to the cart and the cart is locked at the end of class.)
  • Plug in the cart in classroom to recharge batteries
  • Keep cart locked when not in use (get key from primary teacher if you don’t have one)
  • Supervise students to ensure laptops are returned to cart properly (number & plugged in) for use by next group
  • Check laptop cart when finished.  Make sure:
    – all computers are in cart
    – cart is plugged in
    – cart is locked
    (Leave it the way you would like to receive it.)
  • Notify Teri of any technical problems discovered

Locking laptop carts

Power – there is one plug in back.  You will hear a fan when it is on.

Laptop storage – laptops need to be returned to the correct location.

Don’t let laptops overheat – make sure they are shut down before storage. (This is especially important for Macs.)

Charging laptops

    • Make sure the light is on for each laptop.
    • Let Teri know if any particular charger is not working properly.