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6th & 7th grade iPads

All 6th & 7th grade iPads will be wiped by Central Office at 9 am Monday, June 19.  

Students will have a few minutes with their teacher to set up their iPads.

Click Read More for a link to the video with setup instructions.

Set up Global Protect on your Personalized Devices

All students must set up Global Protect on their school iPads or MacBook Air by Friday. This is the new VPN and will be required to access the internet starting next week.

MBAs need Self Service so you must be at school on APS wifi. The app has already been pushed to all student iPads. Click the Read More for instructions.

All iPads Need to be Updated!

Go to Settings and check for Software Update. All iPads must be on version 10.2.1 for SOL testing. In addition, the latest version will also resolve issues with IXL and other apps.

The TestNav app should have automatically installed on your iPad. If you don’t see it, check the App Catalog.

See Teri if you have any problems.