Need Help? Who does what?

APS2847We are fortunate in APS to have many experienced individuals who can assist you with your needs.  For the fastest help, check the list below to see who can give you the best help with your problem. If in doubt contact me or send an email to Remember that all requests for technical support must be reported to 2847.

Something broken or not working? (Help Desk x2847 or email

Call the APS Help Desk at x2847 or send an email with as many details about your problem to the ServiceSupportCenter Center at  A trouble ticket will be created for you and a member of our technical repair team will come help you.  This pertains to problems with your computer, printer or LCD, connecting to the APS network (login and password.)  Copy if you want Tyler to be aware of the problem.

Students having trouble connecting to the network, password problems or trouble with their iPad or laptop should contact Tyler.  Problems with shared equipment should be reported to the teacher or Tyler.

Problem logging in?

Google –  call x2847 or send an email to
Teachers – Synergy, email, STARs, ERO – call x2847 or send an email to
Students – StudentVue, network, wifi –  Tyler x2212 or
ParentVue –  help@APS website

Problem with Synergy/Teacher Vue?

Access@APSAna Castillo, our registrar at H-B Woodlawn, sets up classes, students and teachers in Synergy.

Contact Vanessa Piccorossi, our attendance specialist at x6351 or email her at for any questions about attendance.  The attendance hotline for parents reporting absences is 703-228-6363.

If you are having a problem or need help or training with Synergy or TeacherVue, contact the team of Technology Support Specialists at x6304.  You should also email

Problem with IEP Online?

Contact Ashey Deljo at x8635 or

Training, integration ideas, or other questions?  Not sure who to call?

Contact Tyler at  (Do not leave a voicemail message if you are in urgent need of technical help, call x2847 or send an email to


Teachers can contact Tyler at for general help or training with APS email, desktop clients or web.

If you are having a problem with your account, please contact the APS Help Desk at x2847 or send an email to  It would be helpful to forward specific error messages you may be receiving to them.

APS does not maintain any email accounts for students or parents.

Parent Listservs:

There are several listservs for parents.  Go to the Parent Communication Page for information on joining. These lists are no longer on any APS servers.  They are maintained by parent volunteers.

H-B Calendars

Complete the Spread the Word form if you would like to post information to H-B Woodlawn’s web page, announcement section, calendar, or scrolly TV.

Kristale Grant maintains the H-B web calendar.  Send her an email at or complete the Spread the Word form if you want to publish an event.  Events on this calendar automatically appear on our main page under Upcoming Events a few days before the event.

You can see the HB main calendar by selecting Calendar from the Quicklinks on the home page or under Events – Calendars from the main menu.  Some additional calendars are located under the Events tab. You can subscribe to the H-B’s calendar and see the events in your own calendar.

H-B Web Page

Tyler Witman maintains the H-B Woodlawn web page. Teachers have a staff page linked to their name in the Staff Directory. Contact Tyler at if you have any questions.