Google & Google Classroom

Cloud APS Google

Using Google Drive Sync Folder on a MacBook Air – You have 10 terabyte of file storage in our Google Drive with APS. And it’s free! Find out how you can install a Google Drive sync folder on your laptop.

Save all your Google files before you leave APS because your account becomes disabled when you leave or graduate!  You can download individual files to your personal computer or create an archive.  Here’s a google link to create an archive: 

How to use the H-B Staff Shared Folder – video 1:30 – Great way to share with the entire staff and get useful docs that others have already shared.

Google Classroom and Blogger tools are available in APS Google.

Welcome to Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows you to set up a classroom.  Student use a code to enroll, then you can share files or even have Google create a copy of a file for each student.  Google Classroom lets you post Announcements, Assignments or have a and Comment (Discussion board) with your students.  Google does all the organizing for you.

Check out this blog with lots of videos.  It will get you off to a great start.  Google Classroom Guide

Here’s another blog with a video at the bottom:  A Google Classroom Tutorial

Google’s Blogger is now available in our APS domain!  This will be great for Creative Writing classes.

Managing Google Groups – how to add students and teachers to a google group