Frequently Asked Questions about Technology at H-B

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How can I resolve problems with Office 2016 and Smartboard?

When running a full screen presentation in Office 2016, most times you cannot click the screen to move to the next slide. The link below explains the issue and contains the resolution:

When running a full screen presentation in Office 2016, most times you cannot click the screen to move to the next slide.  The link below explains the issue and contains the resolution:

Resolution:To resolve this issue, adjust the settings for displays on your computer.

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click Mission Control.
  3. Clear Displays have separate spaces.
  4. Log Out and Log Back into your Mac. (Restart will probably work too)

How can I access YouTube or other videos with the new content filter?

Look here for the latest explanation about how the new filter works and tips you can you if you are having trouble.

APS moved to a new content filter in the beginning of September.  Filtering is now done by policy:

  • default – everything is blocked
  • high school student – can access some videos on You Tube
  • staff – can access some videos on YouTube, Facebook and other sites

The system must know who you are to apply the correct policy.  This is accomplished by logging in to OneLogin, connecting to APS wifi, etc.  Even though you may be in Google or Synergy, you may need to log into something to authenticate with the system.  One thing you can do is go to and select “Change Password” under the Resources tab. Just log in, you don’t need to actually change your password.

IS has noticed people having more difficulty using the new system if they have a computer that was previously imaged as a student computer or if they are connected to ethernet.  In these cases you may need to authenticate with One Login additional time in order for the system to recognize you as a staff or high school student.

Occasionally when you go to YouTube you will be given a white login screen.  This is because the Content Filter doesn’t know which policy to apply.  If you see this, log in with your username and regular password. Do not add to your username.

If you are trying to watch a video embedded on a website but all you see is a blank box where the video should be, try logging in to OneLogin in a separate window then return to the page.

Secure Connection Errors: If you get a get an error saying Safari Can’t Open the Page (…can’t establish a secure connection to the server “”) or Secure connection Failed:

The Content Filter is restricting YouTube videos to ones with a moderate or safe rating.  In some cases you can access YouTube, but will see that the video is blocked by your administrator.  Staff should take a screen shot and send it with the link to

Staff who are having problems related to the content filter should report the issue to  Include as much information as you can:

  • are you not able to access YouTube at all or just specific sites?
  • what link(s) were you trying to access?
  • what error message did you get?
  • what troubleshooting have you tried?
    • which browsers have you tried?
    • how did you try to authenticate to OneLogin?
    • have you cleared the cache?

I will try to update this page as we learn more about how the content filter is working.  Teri


How do new students get accounts? (Google, StudentVue, Blackboard, etc.)

Active Directory accounts for wifi, Google, StudentVue, etc. are automatically created when they are enrolled in the system.  However a random password is assigned that needs to be changed.  Contact Teri with the student’s name, and student ID number or submit this form.

Blackboard accounts are also created automatically.  The initial password for students is their birthday mmddyyyy.


I forgot the password for my MacBook Air. What can I do?

Have you tried all of your favorite passwords?

When the MacBook Airs are reimaged, the password is Teacher for teacher or Student for student. (capital letter)

The first step in setting up your laptop is to change the password. There are no “requirements” for the password. It can be any length, letters or numbers, etc. you like. Most people use the short version of their favorite password.

The password does not synch with your APS password for OneLogin. You never change it unless you want.

If you still can’t remember which password yo used, come see me and I can reset the password for your account. However you will lose all settings and passwords you had saved on your laptop. (That is called the keychain. If I reset your password, your computer will create a brand new keychain.)

Teachers – remember, you are an admin user on your Mac. Your computer password is needed to unlock preferences or install new software.

What’s the Difference between Blackboard and Google Classroom?

Which one should you use?

BlackBoardWelcome to Google ClassroomBlackboard is a full LMS (Learning Management System) supported by APS. Google Classroom is an app made available by Google which we can use with our APS domain.  It is not supported by APS and does not have all of the features of a full robust LMS.  However, it is quite easy to use, especially if you use Google Docs. Students enroll by using a code you give them.

APS is looking at which LMS we should use going forward.  It may be Blackboard or it may be a different one.  Google is not a full LMS.

Many teachers in the county and at H-B are using Google Classroom.  When I say support, it means no one in IS or ITC has oversight, management or any assistance with your Google classroom.  Your best support is other teachers and using the Google help available online.  APS has no control except managing the Google domain itself.

Google has added some exciting new features to Google Classroom, many in response to teacher requests including quizzes with corrective feedback and the ability to annotate (draw on) a Google doc. Here’s a video with some of the new features I tweeted. (follow me @HBWITC)

The decision between Blackboard and Google depends on the features you want to use.

My date and time are wrong. How can I fix it?

If the battery is completely drained, the computer will lose the date and time.

If the battery is completely drained, the computer will lose the date and time.  This will cause errors when attempting to go to the internet.

self-service iconIf this occurs, go to Self Service when on APS wifi and run the script to “fix date/time.”

You can access APS wifi from any APS school. The library uses a different wifi.

Can students watch YouTube?

Yes, if you are in high school..

There are three policies;

  • Staff – unfiltered content
  • High School – filtered content with access to YouTube
  • Default – Middle School students and others will have YouTube and all content filtered. This is because Middle School students are usually under 13, and there are many laws regarding content accessed by children under 13.

The network needs to know the identity of the user to apply the network policy.  So you will need to log in to APS wifi, OneLogin, MapMyNetwork Drives on shared PCs, etc to determine which policy to apply.

IS is looking at various ways to accomplish this, particularly on Macs and iPads. You may see a generic white login screen.  Enter your regular account user name and password.  After that your content will be filtered or unblocked following the correct policy.

How do I make math symbols on the computer?

Go to ALT Codes – Alt Codes for Maths / Mathematics for a full list of alternative keyboard codes to display characters.Or use Microsoft Equation in Microsoft Office Products:In Microsoft Office, click where you want to insert the equation.Go to Insert–> Object –>Create NewIn the box, scroll to select Microsoft Equation 3.0. Click OK.Build the equation by selecting symbols from the Equation toolbar and by typing variables and numbers. From the top row of the Equation toolbar, you can choose from more than 150 mathematical symbols. From the bottom row, you can choose from a variety of templates or frameworks that contain symbols such as fractions, integrals, and summations.

Can I change my password?


Yes! Students go to OneLogin and select Change My Password.  Teachers can get instructions here. Remember your password must be 10 characters long and can not be something you’ve used before.

For more information on changing passwords, check out the Account and Password section of the Tech Help section.

How can I get photos off the digital cameras?

  1. Get a card reader from Teri or Maggie
  2. Insert the memory card into the reader and connect it to the USB port of your computer.
  3. Click on the Computer icon at the top of your desktop.  Your photos will be on one of the removable drives.
  4. Copy your photos to your Google Drive or a USB flash drive.
  5. Log out after you have copied your photo files off the memory stick.
  6. Remove the card reader before logging in again.
  7. Return the card reader to Teri or Maggie

Where is my homework that I sent to myself in email?

Be very careful when you open an attachment from email.

Be very careful when you open an attachment from email.  You’ve heard all about viruses, but now we’re talking about files you send to yourself.  Many email programs will save files to a temporary location.  If you need to make any changes to your file, or just want to have it saved at school, it is very important that you do a Save As and save it to your Google drive.  If you quit your document and log out you will lose all your changes.

I’ve heard it costs a lot to replace toner in the printer.  How can I help?

  1. Only print in color when absolutely necessary.
  2. Learn to reduce the size of your photos.
  3. Print handouts (3-6) slides per page instead of full page slides when printing from Powerpoint.  Never print slides that have dark backgrounds.
  4. Use Print Preview before printing to see what you will get before sending the job to the printer.
  5. Read the Print Dialogue box to make sure you are using the correct printer, only printing the pages you need and are printing draft mode when possible.
  6. Only click print once.  If you don’t see your print, investigate the problem or ask for help.  We have thousands of printouts that are never retrieved!
  7. Don’t use printers as photocopiers.  The copiers in the office are much cheaper.
  8. Be careful when printing something from the internet.
  9. Be careful when printing large pdf files.  Only print what you really need.
  10. Think Before You Print.  For more information go to the Print Awareness Page.