Tips for Changing Passwords


APS passwords must be 10 characters or longer and must not be something you have used before.

  • Teacher passwords expire every 180 days.  Click here for directions for changing your Active Directory/OneLogin password – staff using Mac computers will not see a warning.  
  • Students passwords do not expire, but students may change them in OneLogin
  • Your Active Directory Changes the passwords for these accounts, too.
  • Blackboard and your Mac Computer password do not synch with OneLogin.  You will need to change them separately if you want to use the same password.  Directions for changing your Blackboard password or changing your Mac computer password.
  • After you change your Active Directory password, you will probably get connection errors or prompts for your password the next time you use Mail, Connect to Servers, and APS wifi.  This is because your computer keychain remembers your old password. You will also need to update the passwords and wifi on your phone and/or iPad, too.

Need help resetting your passwords?

Students – contact Teri. She is located in room 129 next to the computer lab.  Complete the Password Help form on her office door or submit a request online and she will email you when your password has been reset.

Staff members must contact 2847 to have their password reset..

Tips for Selecting a New Password

Network/Active Directory passwords must be 10 characters or longer.
Don’t use your name, birthday or phone number.
Use a phrase, sentence or multiple random words.
Mix numbers, capital letters and special characters.
Be creative!  The best password is something that is easy for you to remember without writing down.

How secure is your password?

Check your password

Here are some sites with additional suggestions: