Setting Up Your MacBook

Downloading Your Saved Files to your Laptopdownloadfoldergoogle

  1. Open up Google Drive on your computer and sign into your APS Google account.
  1. Scroll to the Folders section and find the folder where you placed your backup files.
  1. Right-click on the folder, then select “Download”.

The download will begin immediately after you click “Download” — there is no confirmation step — so be sure you really want the folder on your computer before right-clicking on it. Once the file is downloaded, it will be in your Downloads folder on your MacBook. The folder will also remain in Google Drive after you download it.

Importing Your Bookmarks

Before you begin: If you saved your bookmarks file to an online drive (like Google Drive), you need to download it onto your computer FIRST, then follow these instructions.

Big Sur vs Catalina (or Mojave, High Sierra, etc.)

The Big Sur operating system is a bit different than previous MacOS versions. You can learn more about this operating system by visiting the resources below.


Directions created by Christine Stokes-Beverly, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Wakefield High School