Expectations & Responsibilities when using Personalized Devices


All students are expected to bring their assigned devices fully charged to school every day. Families should establish a charging station and plan for charging the device every evening.

Students are expected to take reasonable care of their device and keep it secure at school and off campus.  Students should keep their device with them or locked in their locker at all times while at school.

Students must sign the Acceptable User Policy each year and acknowledge that violations can result in disciplinary consequences.

The device is assigned directly to each student with the expectation it will be used throughout middle school or high school. If a student moves to a different school within APS, he/she will take the device with them. At the end of 8th grade, 12th grade or if a student leaves APS, he/she returns the device with all accessories (charger, cable case) to the ITC.

Protecting the devices:


The iPads come with sturdy cases that do a good job of protecting the device.  Students are required to keep them in the APS issued case at all times. iPads out of the case will be confiscated. Students should contact Tyler if any part of the device is broken.

Students may replace the iPad case with a keyboard case or another case which provide the same level of protection.  Alternate cases need to be approved by Tyler.  See him in his office or email him at tyler.witman@apsva.us with the model of the replacement case.  Students must return the original case when they return the iPad.

Students should not use heavy plastic cases on the MacBook Airs. These cases actually damage the hinge of the laptop causing it to wobble.  These cases also absorb moisture and liquid which damages the actual laptop.  We recommend getting a sleeve or other lightweight protection for the laptop.

BackpacksSmashed MacBoor Air screen

Students should be careful about putting their device (iPad or laptop) in heavy backpacks.  The weight of heavy books or other objects break the screens. The device should always be placed on top.

Heat, Cold and Liquids

spilled-liquid-on-laptop-625x400All electronic devices are vulnerable to humidity and extreme temperatures (above 80°F, below 50°F). Never leave your device in a car overnight or any time the weather is hot or cold. Keep devices away from bathrooms, saunas, or indoor pools where humidity is high. Take a break from electronics when eating or drinking! Liquid damage causes system failure and voids the warranty. If a device comes into contact with liquid, wipe the liquid up quickly and do not attempt to turn it on. (Power down if possible.) Bring the device to Tyler asap!!

Managing the devices:

MacBook Airs

Self Service

Students with MacBook Airs can not update or install any software on their laptops.  Students should go to Self-Service once every two weeks to run the Update Inventory and check for available updates.  Students must be on the APS wifi to access Self-Service. Contact Tyler if the Update Inventory script fails.

If the battery is completely drained, the computer will lose the date and time.  This will cause errors when attempting to go to the internet.  If this occurs, go to Self Service when on APS wifi and run the script to “fix date/time.”


Apps are distributed to devices from the MDM (Mobile Device Management) without the need to sign into iTunes. Students are only allowed to install apps available in the App Catalog.  Downloading apps and games from the public App Store or the internet is not permitted and is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.

iOSupdate_iconStudents keep the iOS on their iPads up to date and should run software updates from Settings when they are available.  It is best to wait a few days after an update first becomes available, but should be run soon after.

Students will be using “Managed Apple IDs” which are being created and managed by APS. These new accounts will replace the Apple IDs students have used for the past two years and will provide additional classroom tools and resources.  Students should not use personal Apple IDs or personal iCloud accounts on their iPads.

Troubleshooting problems on an iPad –

  • Hard reboot – hold the power and home button at the same time until the iPad restarts. This resolves most problems.
  • Wifi issues – toggle wifi on and off.  If that doesn’t help, go to Settings – Wi-Fi , tap on the name of the wifi and choose “Forget This Network.”  Then log into the network again using the username and password.

What about lost, stolen or damaged devices?

This was not a huge problem at H-B Woodlawn last year, but we did see an increase from the prior year. We expect students will continue to take good care of their devices. In the unlikely event that a device is damaged, lost, or stolen, and the child has taken reasonable precautions to take care of it, APS is not currently asking families to pay for repairs or replacement. Because students have been taking good care of the devices, replacement costs have been low. If costs go up in the future, APS may need to reevaluate this practice. We will notify families of any changes.

At this point, the greatest loss has been in chargers for the devices. The chargers should stay at home. Devices that arrive at school fully-charged should last all day.

police-report-clipboardIf the iPad or MacBook Air is stolen, please report the theft to the police to receive a police report number.  Then notify your school Administrator and Instructional Technology Coordinator on the next day of school.

 Students should notify Tyler Witman by emailing him at tyler.witman@apsva.us immediately if their device is lost, damaged or if they are experiencing any other issues with the device. Students with iPads must remove the device passcode before giving it to Tyler for repair.  Students with MacBook Airs need to make sure they are receiving messages from Remind.com so they will know when their laptop has been repaired.

Getting important information:

All students and parents should sign up to receive information about available updates and ways to use their devices.  You can choose to receive these updates by text, email or iOS app.


  • to receive texts: text @hbwipad to 81010
  • to receive emails: email hbwipad@mail.remind.com – you can leave the subject and message blank
  • be sure to respond to the request for your name to complete your registration
  • Students can receive notifications on their iPads using the Remind app.  They will need parent email to give consent.  They can not sign up with their APS google account because they don’t have email with it.

MacBook Air (this is how you will be notified if your laptop is repaired)

  • to receive texts: text @hbwmba to 81010
  • to receive emails: email hbwmba@mail.remind.com – you can leave the subject and message blank
  • be sure to respond to the request for your name to complete your registration