Computers & Equipment

Personalized Learning Devices

students using MacBook Airs in classroomAn important objective to reach the goals established in the Arlington Public Schools 2012-2016 Strategic Technology Plan is to “ensure that every student has access to an internet connected personal computing devices during and outside of school hours.”  This means APS wants to have personalized learning devices for every student (1:1) by 2017.

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, all students will have an assigned personalized device. Middle school students in grades 6-8 will be assigned an iPad. High school and HILT students in grades 9-12 will be assigned a MacBook Air.

student using laptop


  • 25 computers are available for general use by students, without assigned laptops, in the library or reserved by teachers for class use.
  • Loaner laptops – Some of the above laptops can be checked out by Middle School students for up to 3 hours.  Only students who do not have assigned MacBook Airs will be able to check out laptops. (Students in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade are expected to bring their assigned MacBook Air and will not be able to check out a laptop.)

Computer Labs

These labs are reserved for special classes:

  • Business Lab – Room 128 – 26 PCs (Digital Input Technology, Keyboarding, Engineering)
  • Photo/Film/Music – Room 002 and 002A- 25 iMacs (Photo, Film)
  • Music Theory – Practice Room – 6 iMacs (Music Theory classes)
  • Robotics – Room 004 – 24 laptops for Robotics
  • Distance Learning classes – Room 017 – Virtual APS will have laptops available for students without an assigned laptop.


  • Every teacher has a teacher laptop.  Almost all teachers have a MacBook Air, a few have PCs.
  • All Middle School teachers have an iPad.
  • Every classroom has a mounted projector and SMARTboard. (A few newer classrooms are waiting for installation.)
  • Classrooms with projectors with hdmi ports have an Apple TV for wireless displaying from iPads and Macs (AirPlay). Teachers without these will get software to use their laptop for AirPlay.
  • Califone speakers and DVD players are available from the library.  iPevo document cameras and scanners are available from Tyler.


  • Networked laser printers are available throughout the building. Instructions for installing printers 
    • First floor – Hallway near custodian’s office; New Lab; Room 104 (teacher use only)
    • Second floor – Phonebooth near office; Room 203; HILT lab 206; Rooms 216, office & gym are for teacher use only
    • Third floor – Hallway near room 303; Hallway near the elevator; Room 319; Room 324, Library; Rooms 301, 304, 316 & 323 are for teacher use only
    • Basement – Business lab, Photo lab, Music lab
  • Color printer is located in room 128. Computers #18-26 in room 128 and the iMac in room 129 can print to the color printer. Teachers can install the color printer on their laptop. Instructions for installing printers
  • Photocopiers
    • 2 large photocopiers are in room 216.  Teachers can print directly to the copier on the right. Remember to always set a locked job so you can retrieve your copies when you are in the copy room. Instructions on how to print to the photocopiers