Acceptable Use Policy

H-B Woodlawn Technology Code of Ethics

All students must sign the AUP each year in order to use APS services.  This information will be stored in the Synergy Student Information Database. Read the Do’s and Don’t on this page and then sign the agreement at the bottom.  See Teri Doxsee if you have any questions about the Acceptable Use Policy.

These code of ethics are adapted from the full text Acceptable Use Policy, PIP 45-2.1 February 20, 2015.  You can read them here.


1.    Use all technology responsibly.

2.    Use school facilities and electronic resources for school-related instructional activities only.

3.   Use only the assigned network login, network and Internet access provided by and filtered by APS while on school property.

4.    Conserve resources including but not limited to file storage space, bandwidth, online time, toner, and paper.

5.   Respect the integrity of the network system.  Enter only authorized systems and do not attempt to circumvent or subvert system security measures including circumventing the APS firewall.

6.    Respect intellectual property and copyright laws.

7.   Protect yourself when using the Internet and be respectful of others at all times.  Report any incidents of cyber bullying such as personal attacks and threats to you, others or to school property immediately to an administrator immediately. (For more info, see APS Policy Implementation Procedures 25-1.17 and 45-2.)

8.    Report any pornographic or offensive materials, and all suspected computer viruses and other problems immediately.

9.   Understand that any messages or files saved on, sent from, accessed, or received on APS equipment are subject to inspection.


1.    Do not give your password to others or use someone else’s password, or leave a computer without logging out.

2.   Do not damage hardware, electronic systems, or networks, or attempt to*hack* or gain unauthorized access to other computers, networks, or information systems.

3.    Do not tamper with or alter the system in any way that disrupts the network, including installing, copying, or downloading files including freeware or adware without authorization.

4.    Do not download from the Internet, or bring on CDs, DVDs, or USB devices, any applications, video or games to use on school computers.

5.    Do not connect any non-school-division-owned device to any part of the APS network without authorization.  Storage devices (e.g., memory sticks, digital cameras) used for instructional purposes are an exception.

6.    Do not disable filtering software or use websites or other technologies to get around the filtering system.

7.    Do not disclose personal information to or agree to meet anyone you have met only via the Internet.

8.   Do not use APS computer equipment and communication services to view, send, display, or download illegal, inappropriate, obscene or offensive materials.


Failure to follow these expectations will result in suspension of computer access and privileges and other disciplinary measures including suspension from school and/or criminal prosecution.

APS is not responsible for student use of electronic technology resources outside of school; however, students may be disciplined for any technology use that negatively affects APS or that negatively affects another student or staff member.

Sign the Agreement Electronically

After reading the above Do’s and Don’ts, Click the link to take the quiz and Sign the Acceptable Use Policy. (Required login to APS Google.)