Student Clubs – Descriptions

Japanime Club / Anime & Manga: Watching anime and focusing on Japan. We will also have parties with Japanese candy.

Environmental Club Learn about sustainability and help to conserve planet Earth! This year, we are going to paint the recycling bins, have environmental talks and movie night, and outdoor activities such as stream cleanups and invasive species pulls. As always, other initiatives and suggestions are welcome!

Action Team is a volunteering club with a chapter at each of the Arlington High schools. We organize, and attend community service events like serving the homeless and helping at the AFAC warehouse. All are welcome!

MGA Meet monthly to write bills and speeches to be debated at Model General Assembly in Richmond on March 22-24.

GSA  is a club focusing on advocating for and educating about LGBTQ+ rights! Activities this year will include facilitating discussions about issues related to the LGBTQ+ community, perhaps a few bake sales to raise money for causes, and a few days focused on educating ourselves about the identities contained within our community!

She’s the First Join she’s the first – all are welcome! Each year, we raise money so that a girl in rural Uganda can be the first in her family to receive an education. Come bake tie dye cupcakes, have movie nights, put on a teacher talent show, and bring any of your own fundraising ideas! We’ll also exchange letters with the girl we sponsor, and, at the end of the school year, there will be an opportunity to visit her and her school in Uganda.

Writing Lab is the new HBW peer editing group! This is a group of upperclassmen students who will be volunteering to help younger students with formulating their essays or helping to edit them.

Ultimate FrisbeeThroughout the fall and spring, volunteer coaches will be coaching a middle school, JV and Varsity team! The HBW ultimate program is really fun; as well as teaching students the game, teams will be participating in many tournaments and games throughout the year.

BodyPosi Club is for girls that interested in learning to love themselves for who are. We will have a blast building self esteem and helping HB become a place where all girls rock their own unique bodies.

Pup Club  Mainly volunteer work and projects around DC/VA at various dog shelters and adoption fairs. On top of that, we hope to do fundraising and supply drives for the places that we work.

TAB is a middle school book club that meets a few times a week in the HB library at lunch. TAB students read and review new titles provided by the public library, many of which end up on the annual award lists. Each year, students spend the school year reading selected novels. In the Spring, they vote on their Top 10 titles. From time to time, we are able to offer special activities, such as author visits or field trips to area conventions.

HBW Young Democrats is a place for people to discuss issues that are important to them and to talk about what’s going on in this administration and all that is has to offer. This year we want to continue to be involved in local young democrat events and also help with campaigns for different elections.

Hippie High Headlines is HB’s online periodical publication, run completely by students. This year we’ll be following and writing about current events both at HB and in our broader community.

HIVE (H-B Woodlawn Initiative for Volunteer Engagement) is an umbrella organization for community service and engagement opportunities. It includes students in grades 6-12 regardless of GPA. It organizes and publicizes opportunities like the “worker bees,” drives, service trips, community projects and more! It empowers students to lead school and community projects. And prioritizes community engagement as a continual part of the H-B experience.

NHS The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization that recognizes exceptional high school students. At H-B Woodlawn, the NHS is more than just a collection of students who have reached a high grade point average. Before being inducted into the Society, the students must demonstrate the values of leadership as well as service. Students are nominated for the NHS during their sophomore year, depending on their grade point average. The NHS group partakes in many service projects throughout the year.

SongWriting Club  is a group of students who all share a love of creating music! This club is run by Dan and meets weekly to come together and write music.

HOPE act as a mental health task force, a group of people dedicated to making HB a happier, healthier place. This can take the shape of painting bulletin boards, putting up affirmations around the school, teaching the students and staff how to help those who may be struggling, running Meditation Mondays, and more! All are welcome!

SASV (Students Against Sexual Violence) is a coalition of students dedicated to educating ourselves and fellow students about the intricacies of sexual violence in school, on campuses, and in the workplace. SASV provides safe space for victims, their friends, and anyone dedicated to ending sexual violence. Through community engagement, weekly meetings, and school-wide initiatives, SASV advocates for a safe learning environment.

Stratford Friends provides a great opportunity for HB students to get to know our Stratford peers. We go down to the Stratford wing to hang out with our buddies once a week, on Wednesdays at H Block. This year, we are planning many more exciting events for and with our Stratford Friends, like dances, field days, fairs and more!

HBW Theatre is offering a record number of shows this season, which would be impossible without the leadership of student directors, designers, and producers. We need YOU to fill hundreds of acting roles (in the high school musical, middle school show, and many black box shows), tech jobs, and the seats in the audience!

HMC (Harvard Model Congress) is a group of students who travel to Boston to take part in a model congress run by Harvard students. After preparing for a few weeks, this club flies to this 3 day convention in February. Students act as though they are real representatives from the U.S government and debate other students from all over the country. This club is open to upperclassmen who are accepted through application.

Tri-M This is a club/honor society for high school students who participate in the band, orchestra, or choral program at HB and are interested in doing community service through music. We do *fun* service projects that involve/are inspired by music (ex. caroling, fundraising for music charities)!

GLI Chapters hold regular meetings (on average Chapters meet once a week). In the fall, Chapters will focus on learning about human rights and connect to partner schools around the world. In the spring, Chapters will focus on advocacy and fundraising by planning and hosting a Student Advocacy Project. This money will be donated to the partner school of our choice in order to help a group of girls revive quality education.

Playwrights Forum Calling all writers, play lovers, and playwrights! Have an idea for a show you want feedback on? Want to hear the amazing stories your fellow HB Students have written? Come one come all to listen, laugh, and learn. *No previous experience necessary, just an open mind and heart!

Science Olympiad is a nation-wide science team competition. Make new friends, be part of a team, learn new things, enjoy great snacks