Requesting Apps, and instructional resources (software, websites)

The Department of Instruction has established a new app approval and request process.  (effective June 2017)
This is a list of the core apps that will be added at the District level.
Some apps like Adobe Creative Suite will only be available for students registered in specific art classes.
Google Classroom will no longer be available in the App Catalog for students because the Department of Instruction wants all teachers to transition to the new Learning Management System, Canvas. It will be removed from all student iPads. [Google Drive is integrated into Canvas so Google Classroom is not needed.]
If you want to use an App that is not on the Core list, you must complete a request. Requests need to be submitted even for apps we used in the past (Notability, Comic Strip, Inspiration, Voice Record Pro 7, etc.) which are no longer available for students. They will not accept any requests for apps that act like an LMS.
This is a flowchart that lays out the process from start to finish:
This is the form that teachers use to make a request:
Requests must be initiated by teachers.  Apps will only be made available for that teacher’s students, so if we want to use Notability by all three grades we need to have a teacher from each grade submit a separate or combined request. ITCs are not allowed to initiate requests, but I can help you submit the request. There is a place on the form for multiple teachers to submit a single request.
Basically the process is:
  • Teacher submits a request
  • ITC receives an email and a form to complete
  • If approved by ITC, then the Instructional Technology Integration Analyst reviews FERRPA/COPA compliance
  • If approved then the Department of Instruction reviews it for curriculum
  • If approved by DOI, then the teacher, ITC, and your principal receive an email and will inform the teacher on how to proceed.
All of this is spelled out in the flowchart found above
An approval represents the tool, the pedagogy, the ITC support, and the data compliance. Just because an app has been approved for use at one school does not mean it can be used at our school.