Town Meeting 9/13/16



  • SAB:
  • Staff Meeting:


  • LUMBERJACK CLUB Location TBA, There will be pancakes. Wear flannel as an entry ticket.
  • Returns and NHS/HIVE tutoring – Sign up for tutoring one block a week.
  • Future Problem Solving Interest: meeting tomorrow at lunch, 6,7,8,9 grades accepted.
  • HS TAB first meeting tonight. Meets in the central library. Usually the first Tuesday night of each month.
  • MS TAB, highly involved TAB MS students wanted at meetings.
  • Maggie is organizing library orientations for new high schoolers.
  • Theater Season -Tom Audition for different plays for Tom.
  • BSN
  • Songwriters
  • GSAThe last time the GSA was formed was 2010, GSA is open to high schoolers and middle schoolers. Interest meeting Thurday during lunch at Travis’s room.
  • School Ends at 4:06, at 4:12 the buses leave. Be alert! Suggestions from graham: No ice cream truck, partner.9/27


  • Outside Teacher Funds: Risa would like $300 dollars for a bass player to instruct new bass players:Motion Passes.
  • Activity Fair Sept 27 – On sep 27, HIVE would like to put on an activity fair, there is already an activity block there. There would be booths and posters where students can advertise their clubs, and you must talk to the organizers to get involved. Motion Passes


  • Community Day Dates Last year there was a day where all students participated in some kind of service project. There are currently 2 potential dates for it, one in the fall and one in the spring. In the fall, they could have it on an early release day, or have it on a 3-day week, on November 10. They have decided to have an option in the fall due to the hectic mood of the summer.
    • Carl: Advocating for october date due to weather in November.
    • Casey: Advocating for the date in fall, to do it earlier in the year would help build relationships with organizations.
    • Tom: Asking if they have time to get ready.
    • Response: They think they can pull it off, willing to accept anybody willing to help.
    • Jennifer: Echoing the need for community partners/volunteers, talk to parents.Tricky to do big projects in 2 hours.
    • Eleanor: Discussing relevance of working for 2h and mailing it off to the organization.


  • Chair: Emma Siegel
  • Co Chair: Jacob Hall
  • Secretary: Adam Sherinian