Town Meeting 12/13/2016

Please contact Teri Doxsee if you were present at the meeting and these notes need to be amended.


  • SAB:
  • Staff Meeting:


TONIGHT AT 7:30 winter concert

Choral concert on Thursday


  • Volleyball activity block Wed 21
    • From 1:30 pm to end of school
    • Grades participating tbd
    • F, G, H
    • Tough to find participants
    • All school stuff in auditorium?
    • Only small amount of school plays volleyball
    • PASSED
  • Cult of Saint Genesius
    • Organization-theatre theatre and more theatre
    • Drama club (non-religious)
    • Tom’s room after school Monday’s
    • Miracles of Saint Genesius?
    • Maybe received vision during play
    • Then imprisoned and tortured-but kept faith
    • No cat sacrifice-possible graven image worship (but they aren’t illegal)
    • Open to all grades
    • How to share information of cult? How to be more kid-friendly? Improv games, dramatic works reviews, acting
    • PASSED


  • Re-drawing of high school boundaries
    • Everyone will be able to stay at HB
    • WL overcrowded
    • School board vote to change boundaries moving some to Yorktown and Wakefield
    • Donaldson run, forest, and other neighborhoods affected
    • Might affect sports home school
    • Only for rising high schoolers
    • Will not affect Siblings of WL – students may choose to stay
    • Mainly affects those whose oldest kid is in eighth grade


  • Chair:
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