Subscribe to H-B Calendars

Subscribe to these calendars on your Mac in the Calendar app.  If you add them to your iCloud account you will be able to see them on your phone and iPad, too.

The +iCal Export button and +Google on the webpage calendar are not work properly.  It exports the events already posted, but you don’t get any updates. The web developers are working on this, but in the meantime you can subscribe directly using these links:

H-B Web Calendar – This includes all the events on the website – H-B activities, performances, staff meetings, etc.-

H-B Block Calendar – This is a google calendar, not on the website.  It includes every block for the full year.  It already has the special schedules for Early Release.

  1. Go to Mac Calendar on your Mac.
  2. Go to File -New Calendar Subscription
  3. Copy and paste the url for the calendar above in the box
  4. If you add the calendar to your iCloud account it will automatically appear on your iPhone and iPad.  The other option is “on my mac” which will only show the calendar on your laptop.

The +Google button is supposed to work, but it does not work for me using my APS Google account. We hope this will be remedied soon.  If you don’t have an iCloud account let me know because I’d like to try a few other ways.