Requesting Apps on iPads

We are required to have a form on file for all apps we add to the App Catalog.  The form will be available across county schools and is a way to track how apps are being used for instruction.   Complete this form* for all apps you want to use with students. All apps must meet FERPA and COPPA laws. If an app requires a user to be over 13, we can’t use it on the iPads as this is a sign the app does not abide by all FERPA and COPPA laws.

Please also send an email to and copy Teri when you have submitted the form.  This will alert me that you are requesting an app.  I need to know if this is for personalized iPads (6th & 7th grade) or HBW iPads.   Once FERPA and COPPA requirements have been checked it only takes a few days to deploy to MDM (personalized iPads.)  Adding apps to HBW iPads is much more difficult and it is best to request apps before I have updated them for the year. *sign in to APS Google required