PAC Meeting Minutes – January 21, 2020

Screenagers screening is on February 20th at Kenmore MS.  HB PAC would be open to hosting a discussion after the screening if there is interest.

Casey’s Report

  • The last day before winter break was wonderful and the many HB traditions happened and it was very nice. The building feels more like home.
  • The musical is going to happen in the auditorium. This is the last large space we are waiting on to be completed and approved for use.  Thanks to the PAC we are starting to buy some new outdoor and indoor furniture.

Course Planning

  • This first step of students choosing classes starts the course planning process. Course request forms are first, then the articulation process, building the master schedule, and arena scheduling happens in June.
  • Course documents will be available online next week and will be given to students when students meet with their TAs on February 3rd. Students have about two weeks to work through their plan by discussing it with both their parents and their TA.  Both parent and TA signatures are required on the form before it is turned in.
  • Documents (hard copies) shared at the meeting:
    • 7th grade course request form
    • 8th grade course request form
    • 9-12th grade course request form
    • Educational and Career Planning Form
    • List of Courses by Grade Level (9-12)
    • Sequence of High School Mathematics Courses
    • Course Codes and Titles 2020-2021

Graham had middle school parents go to a separate room for the discussion about course selection. 

Casey and Kate continue with high school parents.

  • Junior and senior years are the easiest years to take a class at the Career Center. Students take a bus from their home to the CC in the morning, students take their class, and then there is transportation back to HB in time for B block.  Sometimes there are issues with being able to take a class there due to availability, staffing, etc.
  • There are some courses where students need to have either taken a class or be concurrently enrolled in class such as Algebra 2 and Chemistry. Students have to either already taken Algebra 2 or be concurrently enrolled in Algebra 2 to take Chemistry.
  • Virtual classes – you can’t take a virtual class if it is offered at HB or if it is your 8th February is when you register for an online class.  Kate handles the virtual class enrollment.  However, it is good to know that the virtual teachers do all the grading and handle everything.  HB is not involved in that piece. There is less flexibility.  The max number of students who take virtual classes that APS will pay for is 25, the majority of those kids are seniors.
  • Rising 10th graders can take AP English. Then will take AP literature in 11th grade and then not take AP English in 12th
  • Summer school – hard to take a full year of math in summer school. Econ is a good class to take in the summer if your student wants to take a class in the summer to free up a spot in their schedule.
  • APS will not let us give a full year credit for an internship.
  • National Honor Society requirements – students with a 3.5 GPA will be invited to apply the end of 10th They will review those applications. Then students are in NHS in 11th and 12th grade.
  • We strongly recommend 9th graders do not take AP classes due to the big jump in workload from 8th grade to 9th
  • Taking AP classes – if your student loves the subject, then have them consider taking the class, but if they don’t like the subject, then don’t take the AP class. Fairly typical for juniors to take 3 AP classes their junior year.  Sophomore year – students take 1-2.  Senior year – students take 3-4.
  • Casey, Kate, Graham, and TAs are always available for questions.