Celebrate our hispanic student leaders!

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15th – October 15th, H-B Woodlawn will highlight hispanic student leaders in our community. Check back often to learn more! We’ll also have a whole-school celebration on October 13th planned by our English Learners department and our Cohort students.

Ivana Gonzalez, 10th Grade

My family comes from Guatemala and El Salvador and I feel particularly tied to my mom’s village in the mountains of Guatemala called Todos Santos Huehuetengo. One thing that also me Latina and that I love is the language and the many native languages in the areas my family is from. For example, from where my family is from in Guatemala their native language in their village is Mam; many people there only know how to speak mam and not Spanish. I also find the native clothing my mom and relatives wear to be unique and special because they are made by hand. More than just the little things, I love identifying my family’s history as Hispanic, and even if we don’t all look the same, we share a common sense of pride in who we are and our heritage. After high school I plan to go to college to pursue medicine.

Camille “Cammie” Basurto, 7th Grade

My Mother is from Bolivia and my Dad is from Peru. One thing I love about my culture is the dancing and the food. I enjoy having chorizo for breakfast. When I graduate from school I want to attend VA Tech and study to become a Geologist.

Valeria Claros-Caballero, 9th Grade

I identify as Latina because my mother is from El Salvador. One thing I love about my culture is the food and people. My favorite food is pupusas. I am hoping to learn more from my mother and family. When I finish school I want to help my mom more.