Town Meeting Minutes 2015-16

These are the minutes from past Town Meetings

Town Meeting May 17, 2016

Topics: You Tube pilot, Bras Band proposal, Hiring Committees, Senior Wall, Room Committee, Outside Teacher request for ASFF

Town Meeting May 10, 2016

Topics: Community Day, Equipment drive, Night of Rock, Schedule changes, Hiring committees, Room committee, Outside teacher requests, Discussion about cheating

Town Meeting April 19, 2016

Topics: All school Photo, Senior Art Show, International Dinner, SASV event, Community Day, Allocation Update, Hiring Committees, Night Of Rock, Schedule change

Town Meeting April 12, 2016

Topics: Hiring Committees, Newspaper Club, Girl Empowerment Club, She’s the First/Tri-M Cabaret, Discussion – HBW Schedule – many ideas for changing block schedule, Night of Rock

Town Meeting April 5, 2016

Topics: Eating in the library, Night of Rock, Ultimate Peace Assembly, Community Day Effort by HIVE, She’s the First and Tri-M Cabaret on 4/22, Grade Wide Town Meetings, Guests at Dances

Town Meeting March 8, 2016

Topics: Pi Day, Expansion of High Schools, Community Day, Anime and Manga Club