All laptops will be erased and updated before school is out

All student laptops will be collected Monday June 11 in A block. Teachers will take their laptops to room 326 on June 12 for reimaging. Click Read more for additional information and instructions on how to save your stuff before it gets erased and how to set it up after reimaging!

Global Protect Update Dec 6-13

The Department of Information Services is performing a district wide upgrade of all student devices starting Dec. 6. Read more to link to the instructions.

Set up Global Protect on your Personalized Devices

All students must set up Global Protect on their school iPads or MacBook Air by Friday. This is the new VPN and will be required to access the internet starting next week.

MBAs need Self Service so you must be at school on APS wifi. The app has already been pushed to all student iPads. Click the Read More for instructions.

Accounts currently using Active Directory

Accounts which use Active Directory/One Login all use the same credentials (login username and password). When you change your password, all of these accounts change password, too.

APS Network

Log in to Windows 7 computers (staff), Connect to APS wireless, Access network file storage


Must be on the APS instructional network