Course Planning

These are the documents needed for Course Planning

Program of Studies 2018-2019

This is the complete Program of Studies handbook for 2017-18. It includes course descriptions of all middle school and high school classes, requirements, guidelines and Course Request Forms. Only limited printed copies of this handbook are available. Please conserve resources and read this online.

Education and Career Planning Form

This is the form students can use to plan all of their courses from 7-12 grade. Students meet with their TAs annually to complete the Educational and Career Planning Form. Note: most students completed the form in Google last year. Save time and check your Google Docs first to see if have already started the […]

Course Request Forms for 2018-19

Personalized copies of the Course Request Forms will be given to students by their TA on February 8. You can also complete the form on Google Docs or download the PDF or Word versions below.  Forms are due to TAs by Thursday, February 15, 2018.