All laptops will be erased and updated before school is out

All laptops must be updated and erased before school is out!

  • MacBook Airs Laptops (9th, 10th & 11th grade) – Laptops will be collected in A Block classes on Monday June 11. They will be returned to TAs for distribution onWednesday, June 13.
  • Seniors or anyone leaving APS – assigned devices and chargers will be collected on June 11.
  • Teacher laptops – teachers need to take their laptops to room 326 on June 12 for reimaging. Teachers can leave their laptop with Teri on June 11.  All teachers should leave a note indicating where to return the laptop when finished. If June 12th  doesn’t work, arrange a day and time with Teri between June 13-20.

How do you get ready?

How do you set up your laptop after it has been reimaged?

The process this year is different because you will need to connect to wifi first, sign in to Remote Management and create a user account.  Go to for instructions.