Town Meeting May 10, 2016

Topics: Community Day, Equipment drive, Night of Rock, Schedule changes, Hiring committees, Room committee, Outside teacher requests, Discussion about cheating


  • SAB:
  • Staff Meeting:


  • Community Day – this Friday morning out in hallway. There is list. Be prepared
  • Equipment drive – bins in main office, bring in excess sports equipment
  • Night of Rock raised $683


  • 5/13 Schedule (change schedule) B, D, G, H after lunch – might affect afternoon teachers. Withdrawn – have normal classes
  • TA/TM swap the week of 6/6 – swap and have TA on 6/7 cancelling TM on Thursday,TM on Monday afternoon? Amendment: 8:20 meet on Wednesday, not Monday. Motion passed
  • Hiring committees – part time Science, part time Art. Motion passed
  • Room committee – whole school look at building. Be aware that all spaces are up for grabs. Propose on Thursday there will be first meeting in library. Could meet during lunch and after school. Come to first meeting to sign up. Motion passed
  • Outside teacher request – Bill – $1000 for Angelisa. Motion passed
  • Outside teacher request – Dan – bring in former HB student for Songwriters Junetime. Motion passed
  • Human rights lawyer to come to some history classes, $120, 6/3 12:00 – 4:00. Name is Arsalan Iftikhar Motion passed.
  • Pit fire on roof –  Motion is not seconded


  • Cheating – increasing number of incidents of different kinds of cheating. Talk to students and get their ideas and feedback. Talk to students on why it’s wrong. Students need to know if they are cheating, they are cheating against the school, and especially against themselves. Expectation load is huge, work honestly to communicate to teachers. Offer more help and aid.  Mandatory meeting to explain what cheating is, etc.  Maybe have an honor code. Present it as a bigger deal, and people will take it more seriously. Remember verbum sap sat.
  • Room committee – all switch rooms?
  • Don’t take chalk. Teacher yard sale? On Saturday night on roof.

Chair: Leo

Co Chair: Mary

Secretary: Rachel