Town Meeting April 5, 2016

Topics: Eating in the library, Night of Rock, Ultimate Peace Assembly, Community Day Effort by HIVE, She’s the First and Tri-M Cabaret on 4/22, Grade Wide Town Meetings, Guests at Dances




Library Announcements:

  • MBM PrizePoetry month is starting
  • Eating in Library – Eating in the library has worked well this year, but please clean up trash
  • Night of Rock4/29 middle and high school, talk to Dan if you want to participate
  • HSM Friday and Saturday at 7:30


  • Ultimate Peace Assembly 4/84/8
    • ultimate peace will have 10 teens and 4 adults coming to talk to us about a program that teaches ultimate in Israel. Want to do a presentation about how they promote peace in the middle east. In auditorium and on field afterwards.
    • Motion passed.
  • Community Day Effort by HIVE, Friday May 13th,
    • to be moved to the morning rather than the afternoon. Busses would be easier to get in the morning, though a slightly changed schedule may be possible.
    • Motion Passed.
  • She’s the First and Tri-M Cabaret on 4/22
    • She’s the first helps girls in developing countries go to school.
    • To have a cabaret on 4/22 in the middle school lobby, open to singers, dancers, and actors.
    • Adult coverage may be hard to find.
    • Tabled.


  • Community Day HIVE is still meeting every Monday in Jennifer’s room, everyone is welcome to come. Want to engage every member of the HB community. More suggestions for activities are needed.
  • Grade Wide Town Meetings
    • Seventh grade Town Meeting on Thursday. This kind of Town Meeting could be set up at TA on mondays to talk about grade-specific issues.
    • Right now grade level meetings are on an as needed basis mostly.
    • 6th grade has had several grade wide town meetings. Once every two weeks may be too often, once a month could be better.
    • Forcing people to go to Town Meeting may have negative effects. Lead by example, rather than mandate.
  • Guests at Dances
    • Spring Fling was pretty successful.
    • A vast majority of problem students at dances were not HB students. Only guest per HB student. A plan that works better would be great.
    • It can be hard for staff to deal with non-HB students.
    • Forcing people to kiss may not be a great idea.
    • Up to grade to take responsibility for the non HB guests. Freshmen were the biggest problem because they didn’t know the guest policy. Future grades should tell the guest policy to ticket buyers. A lot of guests can take away from the community aspect of the dance.
    • Juniors and Seniors set an example to freshmen and sophomores.
    • Seniors could help with check-in process with the adults. Guest policy could be on posters, responsibility to get word out is on students. Guest policy could be on back of tickets. The dance was very successful, and continue the great job at prom. Not inviting a lot of people, though, doesn’t allow for well-sized dances.
    • Fewer and larger events need more chaperoning.

Chair: Jacob

Co Chair: Nana

Secretary: Emma