Town Meeting April 12, 2016

Topics: Hiring Committees, Newspaper Club, Girl Empowerment Club, She’s the First/Tri-M Cabaret, Discussion – HBW Schedule – many ideas for changing block schedule, Night of Rock



  • SAB: Presentation for School Board at the end of the year



  • Hiring Committees (Physics, MS Resource, MS Science) 3 openings, need committees. Positions posted and close next Wednesday. Can apply on APS website, sign up sheets outside of main office 3- ⅚ on 3 afternoons, students can sign up, April 25-second week of May
  • Newspaper Club – Oliver Meet on Mondays in Library during Lunch, cut out clippings from Newspapers and make a scrapbook. –
    • Could there be a board in the hallway to display them? Current Events? Year in Review? There are open boards on the third floor-
    • There is a High School Online Newspaper, could there be a joint effort? Motion PASSES
  • Girl Empowerment Club – Meet to encourage girl positivity! Motion PASSES
  • She’s the First/Tri-M Cabaret May 6 (5/6/16)
    • Night to perform songs, monologues, play instruments, in MS lobby.
    • Other Cabaret is in beginning of June. Need to think about equipment needs.
    • Motion PASSES


  • HBW Schedule Idea – Brooke and Nathaniel
    • Worries about attention spans
    • Benefits of daily HW**
    • Would an 1.5 hrs be better? What about 8:20?  Music Ensembles might be tired,
    • It’s possible to focus, lots of work can get done
    • Gym will be really exhausting
    • Helps memorization of content
    • Planning for 3 hours is harder than 1 hour – Possibly 3 hours is too long but 1.5?
    • Week long sub plan+++A-H Everyday Monday-Thursday
    • 8:20 Block All of Friday
    • More gets done in hour long chunks, studies support
    • Other classes provide breaks
    • Support for trying new schedules,
    • can we experiment with schedules for a week before?
    • ***Part time teachers wouldn’t be able to work,
    • Career-center courses Two 90 minute blocks, 5 minutes between classes as a break
    • Worries about sitting down for long periods of time
    • Mix long blocks and shorter blocks?
    • Middle School has less focus, some want more gym
    • PM class allows you to take more electives,
    • 3 daysIf you had C or D free you could have a whole day off
    • There has been past interest but have come to impasses,
    • what if each block had a double block once a quarter/week?*
    • Online Classes, need to schedule around
    • Same schedule helps middle school transition into high school
    • Cuts down on time students walking in hallways and violence issues,
    • HB is not as plagued by these horrors
    • A                   C (three hours)
    • LUNCH     ‘ (one hour)
    • B                  TM(three hours)
  • Night of Rock-Dan – HB NIGHT OF ROCK, April 29, 7-9 PM, $5 tickets, bands from HB, Yorktown, W&L in Cafeteria Motion has already passed All proceeds give to Julie Dickenson Foundation$10 might work too, Competition in the works for next year (Battle in Spring, Night of Rock in Fall?)

Chair: Emma

Co Chair: Nathaniel

Secretary: Brooke