HBW-News (How to Join, Usage Guidelines)

HBW News (hbw-news@googlegroups.com) for announcements

To be eligible to join the PAC email group, you must be a member of the HB community, which is defined as HB students and their parents, grandparents, and guardians; HB staff; HB alumni (parents/students/staff); members of the Arlington County School Board; and senior APS staff. Once you are a member, you will not be removed unless you ask to be removed.

How to Join

To subscribe to the HB-News Google Group send an email message to the moderator, Kia Haynes (khaynes74@gmail.com), with the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your connection to the HB community (parent/guardian, staff, student, etc.)
  • The name(s) and grade(s) of your child(ren) who attend HB (if you are a parent/guardian)

Once the moderator has added you to a group, you will receive an automated welcome message.  Questions or problems?  Please contact our moderator, Kia Haynes (khaynes74@gmail.com).

How to Unsubscribe

To have your address removed from a group or to change your email address, contact the moderator directly. The current moderator is Kia Haynes (khaynes74@gmail.com).

Usage Guidelines for HBW-News

HBW-News is a moderated email group and messages must be approved by the moderator before they are distributed to the group. This prevents inappropriate messages, including spam, from being sent to the group. It also delays delivery of your message by up to 24 hours, so please plan ahead. (A few individuals, such as HB administrators and PAC officers, have the ability to post directly to the list.)

The content of messages submitted to HBW-News should be limited to issues directly related to HB or the HB community. This may range from announcing school events to changes in the instructional program to highlighting school board policies that have an impact on HB. The moderator will follow the general rule that issues may be the subject of messages on HBW-News, but the content of the message should be limited to education about the issue and identifying any meetings or further steps. Advocacy or calls to action in support of a particular cause are not appropriate for HBW-News EXCEPT in instances where the PAC has agreed to support a particular cause or course of action. Such messages would typically be sent by a PAC officer or a designated PAC representative. Commercial advertisements and advocacy for political candidates are never appropriate for HBW-News.

HBW-News will also follow the general guidelines for PTAs allowing announcements of events to meet candidates where anyone may attend or for debates to which all candidates for office have been invited. No other messages about candidates for public office should be submitted to HBW-News.

You should take care to compose a subject line that describes the nature and general content of your message. The moderator will hold messages with ambiguous subject lines and ask for the sender to modify and clarify them before they are posted to the list.

Remember that you are creating a written record; write only what you are willing to have attributed to you now and in the future.

Only HBW-News members may send messages to the group. On occasion, the moderator, principal, or PAC Chair may forward or approve a message from an outside source, if it meets guideline requirements. This is kept to a minimum.

HBW-News is not a forum for questions. If you need more information about a message that was posted to HBW-News, contact the individual who sent the message; do not reply to the group. (If you reply to the group, your message will be rejected.)

Don’t send graphics or large attachments. Large files can clog our host server and may slow delivery of email to members. If you have a flyer you want to share, it is best to copy the important information into your email message rather than attaching the flyer itself.

Email Group Management

The HB PAC is the operator of HBW-News. The PAC Chair and/or the moderator are the final arbiters of usage in lieu of actions taken by the PAC as a whole. The moderator serves at the discretion of the PAC Chair. The role of the moderator is to (1) maintain the memberships of the groups and (2) ensure that guidelines for usage are being followed by members. For HBW-News, the moderator reviews and approves messages prior to distribution. This is done within 24 hours of submission; messages are generally reviewed and approved every evening. In cases where some content may be outside guidelines, but other information is time critical, the moderator may edit a message submitted to HBW-News prior to distribution. (Otherwise, a revision is requested from the originator.)

For all questions or issues related to HBW-News, please contact either the moderator or the PAC Chair.